The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Bedless Bones & DJ Void (Austin) 1/23/24


  1. Dead Woman by Bedless Bones on Mire Of Mercury (Metropolis)
  2. Yr Body Is Nothing by Boy Harsher on Yr Body Is Nothing (DKA)
  3. Cities In Dust by Garbage on Witness To Your Love (Stun Volume)
  4. Shadowdancer by Darkways on Shadowdancer single (Retro Reverb)
  5. Disorder by Joy Division on Unknown Pleasures (Factory)
  6. Only Blood Comes Through by Bedless Bones on Bending The Iron Bough (Cold Transmission)
  7. Did You Miss Me? by The Young Gods on The Young Gods (Two Gentlemen)
  8. Megalomaniac by KMFDM on Symbols (Wax Trax)
  9. Open Your Eyes by Hallowed Hearts on Open Your Eyes single (Diffusion)
  10. Is This Where You Live by The Church on The Church (Capitol)
  11. Akinesia by Deathsomnia on You Will Never Find Peace (Isolation)