transfiguration #311 if you look in my eyes mix (holiday in ruins)


  1. Where are we going? (Hello) by Jin Yerei on The Only Way Out is Through (self released)
  2. I Realize (Limewire Mix) by Groove Remote on Intimate Genius (Naughty Night)
  3. Embers by Monodrone on Faded Memories (My Pet Flamingo)
  4. crawling shadow by DΛRKNΣSS on domina lament (self released)
  5. Rapture by Michael J. Blood & Rat Heart on Nite Mode Vol. 2 (BODYTRONIXXX)
  6. Blue Dress by Soshi Takeda on Same Place, Another Time (Studio Mule)
  7. They Don't Know by Tripmastaz on Duct Tape Project - Vol.1 (self released)
  8. Moto Verse by Anthony Naples on Orbs (ANS Recordings)
  9. Ikigai (feat. Mala, Marysia Osu & YUIS) by Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin on Archetype (Aquarii)
  10. Electrix Blue by J. McFarlane's Reality Guest on Whoopee (Night School)
  11. Revival of a Pianist by heaven silhouettes on Eterna (Doki Doki Beats)
  12. Blurry Apple by Stone on Blurry Apple (3XL)
  13. ス​ト​ー​ン​ト​ス by GODSPEED 音 on 引​き​波 ep (My Pet Flamingo)
  14. Red Jacket 6 by MIKE on Red Jacket 6 - Single (10k)
  15. Cloud Gawds by Lean Low & DJ Dubplates on Pay It No Mind 3 (Bad Taste)
  16. Joy by Jamma-Dee on Perceptions (NBN Records)
  17. Break Down by Farragol on 心の傷を癒やす (self released)
  18. pleasure overdose by slowerpace 音楽 on The Great Escape (My Pet Flamingo)
  19. Never Forget by Nmesh on Nobody Here: 'Eccos of the Past' (My Pet Flamingo)
  20. one more try by waterfront dining on Friend 友 / World's Fair 博 (Mystic Spools)
  21. 歴史的な出来事 by Permanent//Zeimp on 私がどれだけあなたを愛しているかをあなたに話すことができれば、それは世界で最初の最も長い本になるでしょう (self released)
  22. all faith is lost by DΛRKNΣSS, Majestic 12 on Spectrum of a Shattered Soul (self released)
  23. Po Godzinach by Pejzaż on List II (The Very Polish Cut Outs)
  24. Tbh! by Ovrkast. on Tbh! - Single (do more. / Genius Distro)
  25. STRANGER IN THE MIRROR by Yuji Toriyama on YUJI TORIYAMA (Canyon Inc./Fujipacific Music Inc./Festival)
  26. anata no bōken wa chūjitsu ni narimasu by Forested Relics on ミックステープを打つ (Naughty Night)
  27. John Witherspoon (feat. Spote Breeze) by Nimsins & Versâam on The Grass Suffers (SINSBLFE)
  28. Tribeca by days of blue on Lower East Empire (Aquablanca)
  29. Sequuntur Sines by Jack Lever on Sequuntur Sines (Open Tapes)
  30. 3rd And 28 by Sean La'Brooy on There's Always Next Year (Analogue Attic)
  31. lifeGOESon by Eli Escobar on Lullabies For a Sleeping City (Night People NYC)
  32. 巴黎海滩 by CHILLGOGOG on 巴黎海滩 / 松江名灶 - EP (Eating Music)
  33. Only U by Oowets on Star Wave (Wakusei music)
  34. U Projected 2 by Voice Actor & on Fake Sleep (Stroom)
  35. Break In by Airhead on Lightness (Hemlock Recordings)
  36. N O R E G R E T S by Timeshare'94 on Malibu Condos V2.0 (My Pet Flamingo)