ep.97 lava

*January 21-28th, 2024 - we're called to strike globally and call for an immediate ceasefire. for a list of upcoming actions in the bay, click HERE. for a list of ways you can strike for Palestine, click HERE*

ok trying something new - bringing in my controller for the show :) the feeling? feral... rat-like.. we're scurrying, we're searching.. for what? joy? the warm embrace of a big beat? a volcanic eruption? only time will tell.

feat. music by: uniiqu3, cobrah, cakes da killa, lsdxoxo, baby weight, sonikku, pennywild, and more :)


  1. Sweat - SOPHIE Remix by SONIKKU, LIZ on Joyful Death (Bella Union)
  2. Featured Mutant Exotic by LSDXOXO on Dedicated 2 Disrespect EP (XL)
  3. MADELINE by INJI on Single (Self-Release)
  4. BRAND NEW BITCH by COBRAH on Single (Gagball)
  5. Took the Night by Chelley on Took the Night - Single (Ultra Records)
  6. The Bitch by MikeQ & DJ Sliink, Miss Jay on Mind to Mind: MikeQ & DJ Sliink (Fade to Mind)
  7. Featured My Barn My Rules by MCR-T, horsegiirL on Farm Fantasy (Live From Earth)
  8. Body Moves by The Glitch Mob, Samurai Break, UNIIQU3 on Body Moves (All The People)
  9. You Da Shit Girl (feat. LATASHÁ) [Nick Godmode mø8b Remix) by Dave + Sam, LATASHÁ on You Da Shit Girl (feat. LATASHÁ) (Classic Music Company)
  10. New Bottega by Torren Foot,Azealia Banks on New Bottega (Sweat It Out)
  11. Slay 4 Me (feat. Jesse Fields) - Edit by Baby Weight on It's Giving EP (HE.SHE.THEY.)
  12. DON DADA by Cakes Da Killa, Proper Villains on single (Classic Music Company)
  13. Versace Hottie by Princess Nokia on Everything Sucks (Platoon)
  14. Slut Pop by Kim Petras on Slut pop (Amigo)
  15. H@ters Anonymous by Cookiee Kawaii on Vanice (The Cookiee Jar)
  16. Featured Price Going Up by UNiiQU3, Black Caviar on Single (Self-Release) New