January 22, 2024


  1. Rough and Rocky by Flat and Scruggs on Greatest Hits (Sony Music)
  2. Lonely, Lonely Me by The Osborne Brothers on The Singles (Amanita)
  3. Touch My Heart by Lloyd Green on Golden Strings (Gusto Records)
  4. Violet by Loscil, Lawrence English on Colours of Air (kranky)
  5. Earth First! The Politics of Radical Environmentalism by Chris Maynes on Earth First! (Self-released)
  6. If I Live Long Enough to Heal by James Hand on The Truth Will Set You Free (Rounder Records)
  7. There’s A Moon in the Sky by Pee Wee King on Country Hoedown (Bloodshot Records)
  8. I’d Be a Legend in my Time by Dottie West on I’ll Help You Forget Her (Sony Music)
  9. Verge of Crying by CEP on Drawing a Circle Around the Arrow (Pannontica)
  10. Inverts by Maria Horn on Kontrapoetik (Self-released)
  11. Beautiful Dreamer by Jimmy Day on Nashville Steel Guitar (Gusto Records)
  12. Am I Losing You? by Jim Reeves on The Essential Jim Reeves (Sony Music)
  13. Meet Me By the Moonlight by The Stanley Brothers on High Lonesome: The Story of Bluegrass Music (CMH Records)
  14. For the First Time by Carl Butler on Don’t Let Me Cross Over (Sony Music)
  15. Dive by Infinite Body on Carve Out the Face of My God (Post Present Medium)
  16. Vapours by Lea Bertucci on Of Shadows and Substance (Cibachrome Records)
  17. Maybe by The Shangri-las on Best of the Shangri-las (Sony Music)