Key Party 013


  1. Beats of Love by Nacht and Nebel on The Sound of Belgium vol. 2 (La Musique Fait La Force)
  2. A Leur Seul Desir by Luminance on Ahead (Medical Records)
  3. NANANA by Felix Da Housecat, Blakk Hazel (Founders of Filth)
  4. In the Dark by Flesh of Morning on Here In Heaven (℗ 2021 Blind Rage Records)
  5. Tachyons by Pasiphae on Siphax EP (Artificial Dance)
  6. Commotion by Court The Muse on Sigh, Sigh, Kiss (self)
  7. Japoney Apple by PFFR on Chrome Ghost (BirdmanAPhone)
  8. Smashed Landscape by Mope Grooves on Desire (See My Friends)
  9. Green Grass by Freshly Wrapped Candies on The Dark Side of the White Christmas Thriller (WSC Marketing)
  10. Enough Fears by Scenius on Enough Fears (MMXX Records)
  11. Here Comes the Rest by Kuruki on TV Scape (Payola Records)
  12. Hours by Hunter Complex on Heat (Narrowminded)
  13. I Wasn't There by Tiny Magnetic Pets on Return of the Tiny Magnetic Pets (Vitamin C)
  14. Tramp's Song by Hiperson on Four Seasons (Damnably)
  15. Pornostar by Snapline on Party is Over (Invisible Records)
  16. 这辆红色的列车 (This Car Red Train) by P.K.14 on Whoever and Whoever (Modern Sky Records)
  17. Zhi Yuan De Ren by Carsick Cars on Carsick Cars (Maybe Mars)
  18. You Turn My Face to Another Day by Hiperson, FAZI on Day and Night (Yizi)
  19. 隼 / Sun (falcon) by FAZI on Invisible Water (Big Romantic Records)
  20. I Love You by Casino Demon on Teenage (Self)
  21. Leave Me by Hang On The Box on DIDIDI (Bad News Records)
  22. Sex With A Man by Ziegenbock Kopf on Nocturnal Submissions (Copyright Control)