Ep 299: "Imposter in the Sky"

Episode title "Imposter in the Sky" is from the new Shannon & the Clams song "The Moon is in the Wrong Place" from the album of the same name. (bandcamp)

I've been at a loss on what to do about Gaza, the Biden administration's brazen lies and gaslighting are so dispiriting. But we are extracting political and economic costs that are becoming difficult for them to bear. Keep writing, marching, disrupting, and withholding your support. I've been voting "the lesser of two evils" my entire adult life and this country has slid steadily rightward the whole time. The buck stops here: the lesser of two evils is hardly lesser at all, and my morals forbid me from voting for Biden. Of course, I live in California and my vote likely won't matter, but liberals when given the choice will always side with the right against the left, as they are now, out of loyalty to capital, and those of us on the left would be foolish to enable it. Republicans, Democrats, the Police and IDF are all aligned on their strategy for organizing society. May we continue to stand firm on the other side, in solidarity against them.

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  1. The Moon Is In The Wrong Place by Shannon & The Clams on The Moon is in the Wrong Place (Easy Eye Sound) Local
  2. Isolated Visions by Tony Jay on Perfect Worlds (Slumberland)

    Local Saturday at Green Apple Books: Tony Jay

  3. Lemon by MOP on Secrets (Smoking Room) Local
  4. Ego Death by Mahawam (Molly House/ Walk Cycle) Local
  5. The Carousel by Asha Wells on Tears of a Clown (Anxiety Blanket Records)

    Local Saturday at Santo Recording: Asha Wells EP release/ Indianna Hale/ Dani Offline/ Marika Christine

  6. Bunnies by Indianna Hale on Yesterday's Glitter (Perpetual Doom) Local
  7. Plastic/Bending by Dani Offline on Mirror (self released) Local
  8. Apricot by Marika Christine on Soft Like an Apricot (℗ 2023 Ghost Mountain Records) Local
  9. Gone by The Umbrellas on Fairweather Friend (Slumberland Records LLC)

    Local Friday at the Rickshaw Stop: The Umbrellas record release/ Meat Market/ Figure Eight/ The Softies (Portland)

  10. Collection by Meat Market on MM (self released) Local
  11. Nothing, Really by Figure Eight on Drown (self released) Local
  12. Incandescent Fire by Katsy Pline on Incandescent Fire (Take A Turn Records)

    Local Thursday at thee Stork Club: Katsy Pline/ Freight Train Lady/ Sarah Coolidge

  13. Papermill Creek Rising Blues pt. 1 by Freight Train Lady on feeder - demo (self released) Local
  14. Immaculate by Sarah Coolidge on Call Me When You Get There (self released) Local
  15. Wind by Healing Potpourri on Paradise (Run for Cover)

    Local Thursday at the Rickshaw Stop: Healing Potpourri/ Spacemoth/ Juan Wayne (LA)/ Swiss

  16. Waves Come Crashing by Spacemoth on No Past No Future (Carpark) Local
  17. Toxic by Britney Spears by Sissyfit on Resist - Sabotage - Disrupt (self released)

    Local Friday at Stay Gold Deli, Slutfest: Sissyfit/ Closet Monster/ Rat Fuck/ Fatale/ Snallygaster

  18. Overcast by MUFFLER on time has taken everything I know (self released)

    Local Thursday at the Knockout, BFF.fm Super Schmackdown: Muffler/ Parisian Mansluts/ Losa