005 - Into space, man

TORRES, ML Buch, Cactus Lee, Ana Tijoux, Kali Uchi, Logic1000, Barry Can't Swim,...


  1. The Rip by Portishead on Third (Go! Discs)
  2. Happy man's shoes by TORRES on What an enormous room (Merge)
  3. High speed calm air tonight by ML Buch on Suntub (15 love)
  4. Lowell Mass by Cactus Lee on Caravan (ORG)
  5. Let Me Be Good to You by Lou Rawls on Let Me Be Good to You (Legacy, Warner)
  6. Détends-toi by Stella, Ed Longo on Détends-toi (Cosmic Romance)
  7. Saylo by Seafood Sam on Saylo (drink sum wtr)
  8. Vida by Ana Tijoux, Omar on Vida (Victoria)
  9. Love and Affection by Rachel Foxx on Love and Affection (Infinity)
  10. Labios Mordidos by Kali Uchis, KAROL G on Orquídeas (Geffen)
  11. Studio 54 by FELIX! on Infrared (Van Buren)
  12. Spaceman by Babylon Zoo on The Boy with the X-Ray Eyes (EMI)
  13. Voice Message by Decisive Pink, Deradoorian, Kate NV on Ticket to Fame (Fire)
  14. Echo by RSCL, Repiet, Julia Kleijn on Echo (Gemstone)
  15. Self to Blame by Logic1000, Kayla Blackmon on Self to Blame (Therapy)
  16. How It Feels by Barry Can’t Swim on How It Feels (Ninja Tune)
  17. Pleen 1930's by Clark on Clarence Park (Warp)
  18. Break
  19. Amaren Kanta by Verde Prato on Kondaira eder hura (Lago/Crater)