Down A Different River w/@Jon.Digital - Episode 05 02/03/24

Deep in the cosmic pocket. Wear headphones.


  1. Root Down by Beastie Boys on Ill Communication (Capitol Records)
  2. Featured I Hear by Ty Segall on Three Bells (Drag City) New
  3. One Night/All Night by Justice & Tame Impala on Hyperdrama (Ed Banger Records) New
  4. II, Phase II by Jules Reidy on Trances (Shelter Press)
  5. Electron by Raphael Roginski on Electron (Instant Classic)
  6. Mystic You by Colloboh, Qur'an Shaheed & Mekala Session on Saana Sahel (Leaving Records)
  7. Jivatma by Decoder on Jivatma (Float Records)
  8. CS70 House by Genius Of Time on Stream (Aniara Recordings)
  9. Bending Hectic by The Smile on Wall of Eyes (XL Recordings) New
  10. Babel-17 by Ava Mendoza, Devin Hoff & Mendoza Hoff Revels on Echolocation (AUM Fidelity)
  11. Featured Denée by Ty Segall on Three Bells (Drag City) New
  12. Immemorial by Natural Information Society on Since Time Is Gravity (Eremite Records)
  13. Portrait of Tracy by Jaco Pastorius on Jaco Pastorius (Sony)
  14. Portrait of Tracy (Live From Malibu) by Yussef Dayes on The Yussef Dayes Experience - Live From Malibu (YD Music Limited) New
  15. Featured Move by Ty Segall on Three Bells (Drag City) New
  16. New Standard by AURAGRAPH on New Standard (Dais Records)
  17. Walk by Piotr Kurek on Smartwoods (Unsound)