West of Twin Peaks Radio #199 feat Bad Tiger

On this episode, San Francisco's Yasi Lowy and her band, BAD TIGER are guest artists, diving deep and chatting about their sophomore LP "Bliss," an indie delight of an album with a lyrical thread about growth, relationships, and developing a band culture.  Plus, 2 hours of fresh music from the Bay and beyond.


  1. Your House by Mandelbro (MDNT 30) New
  2. God Knows by Magnus Ernst (Magnus Ernst) New
  3. Slim Richmond by The Buffalo Skinners (The Buffalo Skinners) New
  4. Dorian Sunrise by Les Moontunes on Elephant Wizard (Les Moontunes) New
  5. Milk by Itasca on Imitation of War (Paradise of Bachelors) New
  6. Locked Up Never Fade by Lucy Gaffney (Lucy Gaffney/Nettwerk Music Group, Ltd) New
  7. My Lady of Mercy by The Last Dinner Party on Prelude to Ecstasy (Universal Music Group) New
  8. Aching for Living by Flat Party (Submarine Cat Records) New
  9. Bad Apple by Sailor Honeymoon (Good Good) New
  10. My Producer by Smerz on Allina (Shopping) New
  11. Starting and Staring by Gustaf on Package Pt. 2 (Royal Mountain) New
  12. Oceano Rojo (En Vivo) by Sol Bassa on Triada (Maria Sol Bassa) New
  13. See you soon by Wisp on single (Interscop) New Local
  14. Dizzy by Sprig (No Stress Records) New
  15. Running by Norah Jones on Visions (Blue Note Records/Capital Records) New
  16. Albert Road by English Teacher on This Could Be Texas (Island Records/Universal Music Group) New
  17. Like This by Bad Tiger on Bliss (Bad Tiger) New Local
  18. Enough by Bad Tiger on Blixx (Bad Tiger) New Local
  19. New Growth by Bad Tiger on Bliss (Bad Tiger) New Local
  20. The Next Band by Bad Tiger on Bliss (Bad Tiger) New Local
  21. Interstate by Bad Tiger on Bliss (Bad Tiger) New Local
  22. Running by Bad Tiger on Bliss (Bad Tiger) New Local
  23. Ourboros by Bad Tiger on Bliss (Bad Tiger) New Local
  24. Surrender by Bad Tiger on Bliss (Bad Tiger) New Local
  25. Foolish Waters (Of Love) by Plovver (Brooks Dierker) New Local
  26. Learn How to Lose Act I by Geographer (Geographer/Nettwerk Music Group) New Local
  27. Hand On My Sword by Mahawam (Molly House Records/Walk Cycle LLC) New Local
  28. Valentine's Day 1999 by Rainbow City Park on Valentine's Day 1999 (RCP Records) New Local
  29. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind by Elliott Peck on In the Pines - EP (Elliott Peck) New Local
  30. The Lonely Stallion by Ismay (Ismay) New Local
  31. Street Action by Tom Relling (Tom Relling) New Local
  32. Connected Endlessly by Mild Universe (Mild Universe) New Local
  33. I Knew You'd Understand by Jim Greet with Caitlin Cobb-Vialet on You Are the Art (War Chant Records) New Local