Ep 301: "In My Bones"

Episode title "I am living simply/ in my bones" is from the song "Crave" by Pleeay (bandcamp), they play El Rio on Thursday with  Duderella (LA) and Dildox (LA).

Tuesday 5:30pm at the Ferry Building: Emergency Action for Gaza, everybody's gonna be there.

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  1. Depression Drawer by Country Risqué on Doe-Eyed Loverboys & Saints (Rocks in Your Head) Local
  2. Second Sight by Bad Tiger on Bliss (Self Released) Local
  3. Crave by Pleeay on Every Body (self released)

    Local Thursday at El Rio: Pleeay/ Duderella (LA)/ Dildox (LA)

  4. Die Laughing by Credit Electric on six (Royal Oakie) Local
  5. Nuthin Like That by Buzzed Lightbeer (self released)

    Local Thursday at the Knockout: Buzzed Lightbeer/ Pussy Gillette (Austin)/ Luna Ivy

  6. DKA by Feefawfum on 100 (self released)

    Thursday at Stay Gold Deli: Feefawfum/ Buyer/ Rays/ Man Door Hand Hook Car Door

  7. Glaze by Hits on Sediment Seen (Paisley Shirt Records)

    Local Saturday at Little Hill Lounge: Hits/ Low Plateau

  8. I Call Lately by Latitude on L'Atitude (Royal Oakie)

    Local Sunday at thee Stork Club: Latitude/ R.E. Seraphin/ The Telephone Numbers/ Sarah Bethe Nelson

  9. Big Break by R.E. Seraphin on Swingshift (Dandy Boy) Local
  10. This Job Is Killing Me by The Telephone Numbers on Single (Meritorio) Local
  11. Better Off Dead by Sarah Bethe Nelson on Mental Picture (Speakeasy) Local
  12. Don't Look Down by Softie (self released)

    Local Sunday at Tamarack: Softie/ Badvril/ Christina's Trip/ Ket Cat (Seattle)

  13. ROT by BADVRIL (self released) Local
  14. Pretty by Sucker on Seein' God (Cherub Dream)

    Local Saturday at Beauty Supply: Sucker record release/ Nothing Natural/ Cage World/ Shuv

  15. Tetra by Nothing Natural on NN/EP (Dandy Boy) Local
  16. Father Time by Cage World on Printed on the Soul (self released) Local
  17. Empty Heads by Helpful People on Broken Blossom Threats (Burundi Cloud) Local
  18. Timeless Trivialities by Maya Nell (self released) Local
  19. Ouroboros of Decay by Godgifu on Mixtape for Palestine (Seaweed Sway)

    Local Tonight/Monday at Neck of the Woods: Godgifu/ Running with Scissors (Fresno)/ Lucky Pebbles/ Under Ego