ep 26: wenchcel valentine's

are you tired of all the commercial bullshit of valentine's day being shoved down your throat? stay tuned for some wenchcel tunes to keep you going!


  1. Early by Weakened Friends on Common Blah (Don Giovanni)
  2. Falling In Love Again by Joyce Manor on Never Hung Over Again (Epitaph Records)
  3. All They Wanted by Panchiko on Ferric Oxide (Demos 1997 - 2001) (Panchiko)
  4. Never Meant by American Football on American Football (Deluxe Edition) (Polyvinyl)
  5. High by Slow Pulp on Big Day (Self Released)
  6. Ugly Brunette by Horse Jumper of Love on S/T (Joy Void)
  7. flower by Blue Smiley on ok (blue smiley)
  8. Wapa wapa wapa wapa wapa wapa by Rebe on Wapa wapa wapa wapa wapa wapa (@cero.en.conducta)
  9. San Francisco by I Hate Sex on Circle Thinking (Too Far Gone Records)
  10. Jaded by Near Tears on Single (Self-Released)
  11. Getting On In Spite of You by Remember Sports on All Of Something (Father/Daughter)
  12. Romantic by Mannequin Pussy on Romantic (Tiny Engines)
  13. Words That Rhyme With Different, Etc. by sports. on Demon Daze (Broken Rim)
  14. Desire by Dilly Dally (Partisan Records)
  15. Get Up by Sleater-Kinney on The Hot Rock (Sub Pop Records)
  16. What do you want from me tonight? by Sidney Gish on Ed Buys Houses (self-released)
  17. Only Dreams by Weezer on Weezer (DGC Records)
  18. I Hate It Too by Hum on You'd Prefer An Astronaut (RCA)
  19. Half Way Fine by Ovlov on TRU (Exploding Sound)
  20. Volcano by Horse Jumper of Love on So Divine (Run For Cover)
  21. Orbitron by Duster on Capsule Losing Contact (Numero Group)
  22. Wife by Mitski on Lush (Mitski)


  23. Come Down by Gleemer on Anymore (Other People Records)
  24. Natural Devotion by SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE on You Are Arrived (Self-Released)
  25. Locked Out by Daddy Issues on Deep Dream (Infinity Cat)
  26. Seether by Veruca Salt on American Thighs (DGC)
  27. Urge to Purge by Charly Bliss on Soft Serve (Self-Released)
  28. Rock Star by Hole on Live Through This (DGC)
  29. 夜の魔物 by tricot on 上出来 (AVEX Entertainment)

    translation: Night Monster

  30. Homewreck Wifey by Slothrust on Of Course You Do (Burger)
  31. Death Cup. by Mom Jeans. on Best Buds (Mom Jeans.)
  32. Stratford-On-Guy - Remastered by Liz Phair on Exile In Guyville (Matador Records)