Sex With My Build-A-Bear


  1. Smithereens by The Murlocs on Calm Ya Farm (ATO)
  2. Shadowbanned by Steven Malkmus on Shadowbanned (Matador)
  3. Beyond the Pale by Andrew Wyatt on Beyond the Pale (Downtown)
  4. Common Blue by Warpaint on Common Blue (Rough Trade)
  5. Black Holes. The Stars. And You. by A. Savage on Black holes. The Stars. And You. (Dull Tools)
  6. Alexis by Mk.Gee on Two Star and the Dream Police (R&R)
  7. Forever by Howdy on Forever (Columbia)
  8. Jelsy by Bar Italia on Jelsy (Matador)
  9. We Can't Make It Here by James McMurtry on Childish THings (New West)
  10. Big Time by Angel olsen on Big Time (Jagjaguwa)
  11. Ghost Ship by Corey Hansen on Western Gum (Drag City)
  12. Say Your Prayers by Neil Francis (Karma Cheif)
  13. Have Love Will Travel by Crazyhead on Covers (Food Records)
  14. Cate Le Bon by Perfume Days on Rock Pool (Lifeforce)
  15. A Day at the Carnival by Zac Lawrence on The Hate (So)
  16. Aselestine by You La Tenga on Aselestine (Matador)
  17. Will You Follow Me Home by Mag Baird on Furling (Drag City)
  18. Kara Jackson by Pawnshop on Why Does the Earth Give Us People... (September Recordings)
  19. Blue Over Blue by The Clientelle on I'm Not There Anymore (Merge)
  20. Rabbit by Youth Lagoon on Heaven is a Junkyard (NA)
  21. This Is a Photograph II by Keith Morby on More Photographs (Woodist)
  22. Don't Fade Away by The Beach Fossils on Bunny (Bayonet)
  23. Mad Dog by Catherine Wheel on Wildlife (Fontana)
  24. Work Hard/Play Hard by Palace Music on Viva Last Blues (Fiction)
  25. Cuero Dudes by Buck Meek on Cuero Dudes (4AD)