Ep 303: "City in a City"

Episode title "City in a City" refers to the song by Cole Pulice from their album Scry (bandcamp). Pulice plays Gray Area on Sunday with Ana Roxanne and Nailah Hunter (LA).

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  1. City in a City by Cole Pulice on Scry (Moon Glyph)

    Local Sunday at Gray Area: Cole Pulice/ Ana Roxanne/ Nailah Hunter (LA)

  2. - - - by Ana Roxanne on Because of a Flower (kranky) Local
  3. Plaster of Paris by Al Harper on The Analemma Observation League (Take a Turn Records)

    Local Thursday at thee Stork Club: Al Harper album release/ Yea-Ming & the Rumours/ Hectorine

  4. Back To The Days Of I Don't Knows by Yea-Ming and the Rumours on So, Bird... (Dandy Boy) Local
  5. Goodbye Spaceman by Hectorine on TEARS (Paisley Shirt) Local
  6. Brighter than Before by States of Nature on Brighter than Before (self released)

    Local Friday at Eli's Mile High Club: States of Nature album release/ Public Interest/ Cage World/ Christina's Trip

  7. Falling Ash by Public Interest on Spiritual Pollution (Erste Theke Tontraeger) Local
  8. Possessor by Cage World on Printed on the Soul (self released) Local
  9. New Year by Mikayla McVey on Time Turns Everything (self released)

    Local Friday at Little Hill Lounge: Mikayla McVey/ Levi Thomas/ Chris Acker

  10. Road, Kill by Levi Thomas on Big Sky (self released) Local
  11. Pilot Light by Sour Widows (self released)

    Local Monday at the Rickshaw Stop: Sour Widows/ Silverware/ Black Belt Eagle Scout (Portland)

  12. This Will Be Back by Silverware on Mixtape for Palestine (Seaweed Sway) Local
  13. Cheap Hotel Reprise (feat Aux Meadows) by Michael James Tapscott on Charlie No-Face EP (Royal Oakie Records) Local
  14. Masochistic Autocannibalistic Blues by Fauxes (self released)

    Local Saturday at Kilowatt: Fauxes/ Feefawfum/ M.U.T.T.

  15. Evergreen by Feefawfum on 100 (self released) Local
  16. Soul Vibrations by Dorothy Ashby on Afro-Harping (Verve)