Episode 115


  1. Cry Out Your Sadness by Walter Wanderley on Rain Forest (UMG Recordings)
  2. Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?) by Dave Brubeck, Bill Smith on Live at Midem 1983 (Lyra Productions / America, Inc.)
  3. Gazzelloni by Eric Dolphy on Out To Lunch (Blue Note)
  4. Ttttime by Faye Webster on Underdressed at the Symphony (Secretely Canadian)
  5. Waffles by Whatever, Dad on Grade Pending (LAUREN RECORDS)
  6. This Time by Tanukichan on Sundays (Company Records)
  7. 20191010 No Doubt About It by Mac DeMarco on One Wayne G (Mac's Record Label)
  8. Blue Honey by Lunar Vacation on Swell (Lunar Vacation)
  9. Intermission by Strawberry Guy on Taking My Time to Be (Melodic)
  10. DON'T YOU THINK IT'D BE NICE by Papooz on RESONATE (Half Awake Records)
  11. Cole St. by Dogs on Shady Lane on Cole St. (Tori Hall)
  12. Velvet Mood by Alice Phoebe Lou on Glow (Alice Phoebe Lou)
  13. Alive, Dreaming by Mellow Fellow on Jazzie Robinson (Mellow Fellow)
  14. Natural by Shelly on Shelly (Orange Hill Records)
  15. Monolithic by Cults on Host (Sinderlyn)
  16. Misty Morning by Travis Bretzer on Bitter Suites (Human Sounds Records)
  17. Spin Me Around by The Marias on CINEMA (Nice Life Recording Company)
  18. Shy by Hether on Shy (Hether4theweather)
  19. Sleep Talking by Indigo De Souza on Boys (Cement Hotel)