february highlights


  1. Common Mistakes by Omni on Souvenir (Sub Pop) New
  2. Formation Flight by Kali Malone on All Life Long (Ideologic Organ) New
  3. Blue by Loving on Any Light (Last Gang) New
  4. Colossus of Roads by Hurray For The Riff Raff on The Past Is Still Alive (Nonesuch) New
  5. Something to Say by Little Kid on A Million Easy Payments (Orindal) New
  6. Memory by Al Harper on The Analemma Observation League (Take a Turn) New Local
  7. Moving by Torrey on Moving (Slumberland) New Local
  8. The Main Thing by Ducks Ltd. on Harm's Way (Carpark) New
  9. To Walk a Higher Path by The Body & Dis Fig on Orchards of a Futile Heaven (Thrill Jockey) New
  10. I'm Pretty Cool by Heems, Lapgan on LAFANDAR (Veena Sounds/Mass Appeal India) New
  11. Thundercurls by Grande Mahogany on As Grande As (Laundry Music Company) New
  12. Twice (ft. Blood Orange) by Erika de Casier on Still (4AD) New
  13. Best For You and Me by Helado Negro on PHASOR (4AD) New
  14. Stay Centered by Ariel Kalma, Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer on The Closest Thing to Silence (International Anthem) New
  15. Who + What by Laetitia Sadier on Rooting for Love (Drag City) New
  16. Can't Believe We're Here by J Mascis on What Do We Do Now (Sub Pop) New
  17. Mouse Trap by Liquid Mike on Paul Bunyan's Slingshot (self-released) New
  18. It Goes by Vijay Iyer, Linda May Han Oh & Tyshawn Sorey on Compassion (ECM) New
  19. Flowers by Real Estate on Daniel (Domino) New
  20. Slinky by Molly Lewis on On the Lips (Jagjaguwar) New
  21. Waiting by Vera Sola on Peacemaker (Spectraphonic) New