Black Girl Joy Episode 155

Featuring Olive and the Stoned Fruits, Precious,Sevana and more!


  1. AMPHETAMINE MAN by Francesca Wexler on Single (CHERRY BOY WORLDWIDE)
  2. Carruurnimo (Jeugd) by IKRAAAN (Self-Released)
  3. Na Die by Ayzon, Lady Donli (Self-Released)
  4. Mango by Aka Kelzz, Ria Boss (Lekkar Collective)
  5. Manifest by Coco & Breezy (Free Your Soul/Moodswing Music)
  6. Carpet Dougie by Kabwasa on Featherweight Funk (Self-Released)
  8. Take The Lead by Cookiee Kawaii (The Cookiee Jar)
  9. Never by Brittany Davis on Image Issues (Loosegroove)
  10. Black Butterfly by Shak SYrn (Shak SYrn Records)
  11. Don't Worry Dear (Mind Clear) by Xiiro (Self-Released)
  12. 5678 by SPIDER on an object of desire (Self-Released)
  13. Babe Ruth by CHUNG, perutheproducer (Self-Released)
  14. O mio babbino caro -ICHI SUEZAWA Remix by Sapphira Cristál on O mio babbino caro (The Remixes) (PEG)
  15. Foxy Lady by Lee Tracy, Isaac Manning (Athens Of The North)
  16. Pull the Rope by Ibibio Sound Machine (Merge)
  17. Ayoka by Dobet Gnahoré (Cumbancha)
  18. Bure by Muthoni Drummer Queen (Muthoni Music LTD)
  19. Dubai (Demo) by Kali Claire on Sad Songs For Winter (Too Loud)
  20. The Echo by Kyshona (Kyshona Armstrong/Soundly Music)
  21. Move by TOBi on PANIC (RCA)
  22. SOUTH SEA by Moor Mother, Sistazz of the Nitty Gritty on The Great Bailout (Anti)
  23. Dumpalltheguns (feat. Danielle Ponder) by Adi Oasis on Single (Unity)
  24. Awaken by Halima (drink sum wtr)
  25. Rosewater by Liana Banks (Stealth Music Group)
  26. God Herself (Tune-Yards Remix) by Madison McFerrin (MADMCFERRIN MUSIC)
  27. Dreamer's Echo by Gina Jeanz on For Dreamers (Temper Tone)
  28. Bad Trip by Fiyahdred (Saffron)
  29. M.I.A. by Precious (Gumdrop)
  30. Apart by Dirtsa (Dirtsa Music)
  31. Show (feat. Rochelle Jordan) by Sango (Sango Recordings)
  32. Really, Shirley? by Olive and the Stoned Fruits (Very really good)
  33. Fire Escape by Zsela (Mexican Summer, LLC)
  34. Here to Imagine by Meklit on Ethio Blue (Self-Released)
  35. Keep Going (Chosen) by Sevana (GoodHzMusic)