Episode 46 Bricks

Morning y'all,

Maybe it's the change of seasons, but today I just feel like screaming. I hope you can relate, and that together we can work to free ourselves and take care of each other.

Love always,



  1. La'ali by Field Works, Stuart Hyatt, Danny Paul Grody, Fadi Tabbal, Bob Hoffnar, Tomas Lozano, Dena El Saffar on Cedars (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
  2. No More, My Lawd by Alan Lomax on Negro Prison Blues and Songs (Legacy International)
  3. Mirror 2 by Michael A. Muller, Chuck Johnson (Deutsche Grammophone GmbH)
  4. Julia by Ruth Garbus on Alive People (Orindal Records)
  5. Featured Directions by Creekbed Carter Hogan on Split (Creekbed Carter Hogan)
  6. Betting On Trains by Hem on Rabbit Songs (Nettwerk Productions)
  7. Liquid Silk by Marina Raye on Liquid Silk (Marina Raye)
  8. Shallow Where It Should Be Deep by Mark McGuire on A Pocket Full of Rain (Husky Pants Records)
  9. White Dwarf Butterfly by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on Love Is A Stream (Type)
  10. Featured Heaven Gazer by Catch Pritchard (Anxiety Blanket) New Local
  11. Featured Deep Shit Times by Judith Horn (sad gal) New Local
  12. but not by runo plum on softer (runo plum)
  13. Holiday by Julie Byrne on Rooms With Walls and Windows (Julie Byrne)
  14. Sanctuary by Josephine Foster on Domestic Sphere (Fire)
  15. The Revolt of the Dyke Brigade by John Fahey on Days Have Gone By, Vol. 6 (Takoma Records)
  16. The scars of recent history by Field Works, Stuart Hyatt, H.C McEntire, Marisa Anderson, Nathan Bowles, Bob Hoffnar, Alex Roldan on Cedar (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
  17. Featured Pilgrim by Creekbed Carter Hogan on Split (Creekbed Carter Hogan)