episode 2

dark angel sovietwave! thanks for listening!


  1. надоело быть приятным by 3аговор on формула 1 (нишA)
  2. Sexy Boy by Air on Moon Safari (Parlophone)
  3. dark angel by provoker on dark angel (Life Sucker)
  4. Страсть к курению by Buerak (CвeT и TeнИ)
  5. Macho by Jaako Eino Kalevi on Modern Life (Food)
  6. Billie Toppy by Men I Trust (Independent)
  7. Motion by Boy Harsher on Country Girl Uncut (NUDE CLUB)
  8. Vampiro by French Police on Haunted Castle (Extended Play) (French Police)
  9. The One to Wait by CCFX on CCFX EP (DFA)
  10. Break
  11. Sex And Trouble by Deux on Decadence (Minimal Wave)
  12. Судно (Борис Рижий) by Molchat Doma on Этажи (Sacred Bones Records)
  13. Electrocution (Demo) by Automatic on Demo (Self Released)
  14. Tough Luck by Sneaks on Gymnastics (Merge Records)
  15. Sky Kisses (на танцполе) by Kedr Livanskiy on Your Need (2MR)
  16. Noches by Prince Innocence (Prince Innocence)
  17. Our Dust by A.C. Marias on One Of Our Girls (Has Gone Missing) (Mute (1989))
  18. I Found the F by Broadcast on Tender Buttons (Warp)
  19. Land Of My Dreams by Anna Domino on East and West + Live in Japan (LTM Recordings)
  20. Animal Machines by Part Time on World Peas (Lolipop Records)
  21. Over It by Future Nobodies on Apasionada / Over It (Future Nobodies)
  22. In the City by Anika on Anika (Stones Throw Records)
  23. Viol af 015 by Casino Music on Bippp French Synth-Wave (1979-1985) (Born Bad Records)
  24. ъелая ночь by Chernikovskaya Hata (Chernikovskaya Hata)
  25. искать тебя by глум on ясно солнышко (глум рекордс)
  26. This World Couldn't See Us by Nabihah Iqbal on DREAMER (Ninja Tune)
  27. الزام by Aurat (Aurat)
  28. Je Penche by Peine Perdue on Morceaux Choisis (Peine Purdue)
  29. Agent Orange by Ski Patrol on Versions Of A Life (Recordings 1979-81) (Definitive Glass)
  30. мёртвый се3он by Parks, Squares and Alleys on мёртвый се3он (родной 3вук)
  31. Spring Is Coming With a Strawberry In the Mouth by Operating Theatre on Spring is Coming With a Strawberry in the Mouth / Rapid Eye Movements (℗ 2023 All City Dublin)
  32. Melancholy by Human Tetris on Memorabilia (Human Tetris)
  33. Bремя by Hаукоград on Aпрель (Hаукоград)
  34. Always Then by The KVB on Always Then (The KVB)