Maniac Mansion


  1. Mr. Dynamite by Killer Kin on Killer Kin (Deadbeat)
  2. Nuthin' Like That by Buzzed Lightbeer on Nuthin' Like That (Buzzed Lightbeer)
  3. Psycho (Fast) by B Boys on No Worry No Mind (Captured Tracks)
  4. Australasia by Pelican on Australasia (Hydra Head)
  5. Serious Listener by Milk Music on Mystic 100s (DomAmerica)
  6. Linoleum Tryst #19 by Naomi Punk on Television Man (Captured Tracks)
  7. Precaution by Pylon on Gyrate (New West)
  8. New Tappy Is Heard and Beheld by Frog Eyes on The Folded Palm (Absolutely Kosher)
  9. Turbo Reanimacija by Amen on Underground Lituania (Tian An Men 89)
  10. Always Then by The KVB on Always Then (Clan Destine)
  11. Driftwood by Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti on Mature Themes (4AD)
  12. Jungle Zombies by Neaderthals on The Last Menace to the Hiuman Race (Spinout)