"reflections on youth"


  1. On the Sly by Metric on Grow Up and Blow Away (Rykodisc)
  2. There Was a Door by Crying on Beyond the Fleeting Gates (Run for Cover)
  3. R.G. Conspiracy by The Warren Commission on Tricked By Cleverness (Espo)
  4. Phone Works Both Ways by The Jazz June on The Medicine (Initial)
  5. Portals to Hell by Slow Mass on Treasure Pains EP (Landland)
  6. Sad Girls Por Vida by Pretty Girls Make Graves on Good Health (Lookout!)
  7. Blackouts by Les Savy Fav on 3/5 (Self-Starter)
  8. Trying Too Hard by Love Is All on Nine Times That Same Song (Whats Your Rupture)
  9. Young Offenders by Life Without Buildings on Any Other City (What's Your Rupture?/Rough Trade)
  10. Sparrow by Social Studies on This Is the World's Biggest Hammer (self-released) Local
  11. Talk To Frogs by Seablite on Grass Stains and Novocaine (REMASTERED) (Emotional Response) Local
  12. Wabi-Sabi by Tricot on 3 (Top Shelf)
  13. Turn It Around by Link 80 on 17 Reasons... (Asian Man) Local
  14. The Black Panther Song by This Bike is a Pipebomb on Dance Party with… (Plan-It-X)
  15. American Hearts by Piebald on The RockRevolution WIll Not Be Televised EP (Big Wheel Recreation)
  16. Now or Never by Hot Rod Circuit on Sorry About Tomorrow (Vagrant)
  17. No Bite by Momma on Household Name (Polyvinyl)
  18. Factory by Samiam on You Are Freaking Me Out (Ignition) Local
  19. Freaking Out by LOWLIVES (self released)
  20. X-Polynation by Q And Not U on Power (Dischord)
  21. Aguas Negras by Rata Negra on Oído Absoluto (La Vida Es Un Mus)
  22. Wretched of the Earth by This Is My Fist on A History of Rats (No Idea) Local
  23. Superdead by FITS on All Belief is Paradise (Father Daughter)
  24. Dance to This by The Stereo on Three Hundred (Fueled by Ramen)
  25. Don't Have Time by Maggie Gently on Peppermint (Refresh) Local
  26. Today I Fell In Love by The Queers on Punk Rock Confidential (Hopeless)
  27. Hanging on to My Head by Kevin Nichols on Bedroom Singles EP (Slang Church) Local
  28. Ballad of a Sin Eater by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists on Hearts of Oak (Lookout!)
  29. Like I Give a Care by You Say Party! We Say Die! on Lose All Time (Paper Bag)
  30. The World's A Mess; It's In My Kiss by X on Los Angeles (Slash)
  31. Long View by Green Day on Dookie (Reprise) Local
  32. Reflections on Youth by Sunny and Sunsets on Hit After Hit (Fat Possum) Local
  33. Kids by Home Grown on Act Your Age (Outpost)
  34. Pop Song (Green) by Spring Heeled Jack on Songs from Suburbia (Ignition)