Celebrating Kick Ass Women Pt. 3 w/ legendary trailblazers Raincoats, Barbara Dane, Elza Soares, Scrawl, Look Blue Go Purple, jaimie branch, Le Tigre, Ace of Cups n' more! #womensherstory


  1. No Side To Fall In by The Raincoats on The Raincoats (1979) (Rough Trade)
  2. Girl God Gun by Gen and the Degenerates on Only Alive When In Motion (Marshall)
  3. Bell by SANAM on Aykathani Malakon (Mais Um) New
  4. burning grey by jaimie branch on fly or die fly or die fly or die ((world war)) (International Anthem)
  5. TGIF by Le Tigre on Feminist Sweepstakes (Mr. Lady)
  6. I'm Gonna Make It by Female Species on Tale Of My Lost Love (Numero)
  7. Must Be Tears by Lael Neale on Star Eater's Delight (Numero)
  8. Tick Tock by Aldous Harding on Warm Chris (4AD)
  9. Grace by Look Blue Go Purple on LBGP EP 2 (Flying Nun)
  10. What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend f/ Marine Quemere by Nouvelle Vague on Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (PIAS) New
  11. It's Obvious by Au Pairs on Playing with A Different Sex (Human)
  12. Sixteen by Marnie Stern on single (Joyful Noise) New
  13. Libertacao f/ Virginia Rodrigues by Elza Soares on Planeta Fome (Taioba)
  14. Um Choro by Jucara Marcel on EPDEB (Mais Um)
  15. The Well by Salem 66 on Your Soul Is Mine, Fork It Over (Homestead)
  16. Es Tu Error by Sylvia Nelson on Chicas Vol. 3 (Vampi Soul)
  17. Bedlam Blues by Meshell Ndegeocello on Red Hot & Ra - The Magic City (Red Hot Org) New
  18. It Must Change by ANOHNI & the Johnsons on My Back Was A Bridge For You To Cross (Secretly Canadian)
  19. GOLDEN LADY f/ Melanie Charles by Moor Mother on Jazz Codes (Moor Mother/Anti)
  20. Members Don't Get Weary by Joy Guidry on AMEN (Whited Sepulchre) New
  21. Throw It Away by Barbara Dane & Tammy Hall on Throw It Away (Dreadnaught) Local
  22. Queen of Cups by Secret Secret on Single (self-released) New Local
  23. Feel Good by Ace of Cups on Sing Your Dreams (High Moon) Local
  24. Ready by Scrawl on He's Drunk (Rough Trade)
  25. One Big Union by Freakwater on Springtime (Thrill Jockey)
  26. Twin Sisters by Nora Brown & Stephanie Coleman on Lady of the Lake (Jalopy)
  27. see maailm, mis elab sinus by maarja nuut on single (self-released)