Episode 14: Daria

I love Daria, I love the show so much it is actually what Something Something Explosion is named after. So let us discuss why Daria is such an iconic TV show, the characters, MTV in the 90s, and how Daria herself is one of my favorite characters ever made. In this episode, we will dive deep into 90s music that was on the show with some modern stuff thrown in. I love this show I am excited to share that love with everyone :)


  1. Tell It To the Kids by bis on The New Transistor Heroes (Wiiija Records)
  2. [untitled] by Neutral Milk Hotel on In the Aeroplane, Over the Sea (Merge)
  3. Queer by Garbage on Garbage (Almo Records)
  4. catalogue by julie on catalogue (Self Released)
  5. Pay For Me by Whale on We Care (Virgin Records America, Inc.)
  6. Youth Against Fascism by Sonic Youth on Dirty (DGC)
  7. You're standing on my neck by Destructo Disk on Punk Rock For Kids Who Can't Skate (Sockheads Records)
  8. Is This Music? by Teenage Fanclub on Bandwagonesque (DGC)
  9. The Doldrums (Friendly City) by Ceremony on Rohnert Park (Bridge Nine) Local
  10. Honey Bucket by Melvins on Houdini (Atlantic)
  11. I'm Back Sleeping, or Fucking, or Something by Moss Icon on Complete Discography (Temporary Residence)
  12. Swallow my pride by green river on Dry as a bone/Rehab doll (sup pop)

    so sorry for the technical difficulties

  13. Rusty Cage by Soundgarden on Badmotorfinger (A&M)
  14. Just Geek by Lisa Germano on Geek the Girl (4AD)
  15. 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins on Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Remastered) (Virgin Records)
  16. Ono Soul by Thurston Moore on Psychic Hearts (DGC)
  17. I Hate It Too by Hum on You'd Prefer An Astronaut (RCA)
  18. Limewire by untitled halo on Limewire - Single (self released)
  19. 6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps on Becoming X (Clean Up Records)
  20. Sad Sad kiddie by the pillows on FLCL (STARCHILD)
  21. Feel the Pain by Dinosaur Jr. on Without a Sound (Reprise Records)
  22. Mannequin by Wire on Pink Flag (The state51 Conspiracy)
  23. Future Says Run by Tonic on Sugar (Universal Records)
  24. Nothing To Believe In by Cracker on The Golden Age (Virgin)
  25. Meet in the Middle by Ultra Q on Empty Eddy (Gargoth) Local
  26. Unforgettable Waltz by Blind Mr. Jones on Stereo Musicale (Cherry Red)
  27. Very Ape by Nirvana on In Utero (DGC)
  28. Transit Cop Demo by Beastie Boys on Some Old Bullshit (Capitol)
  29. Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies on Suicidal Tendencies (Frontier)
  30. Suburban Home by Descendants on Milo Goes to College (Descendants)
  31. Cheap Vodka by Acid Bath on When The Kite String Pops (Rotten Records)
  32. My Kimono by Polvo on Today's Active Lifestyles (Merge)
  33. Ladybug by The Vines on Wicked Nature (Wicked Nature Music)
  34. You're The Only One I Hate by The Pine on The Pine (Alone Records)
  35. I'm Ok, You're Okay by MxPx on Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo (A&M Records)
  36. Blood Section by Swans on Soundtrack for the Blind (Young God Records)
  37. Suffocate Me by Angelfish on Angelfish (Radioactive)
  38. The Impluse Theory by Aberdeen is Dead on Lamb (Self Released)
  39. Soda Pop Rip Off by Slant 6 on Soda Pop * Rip Off (Dischord Records)