1. The TV Made Me Do It by Moon Walker on Truth To Power (Moon Walker)
  2. Just So Fun by Mom Rock on Now That's What I Call Mom Rock (Mom Rock)
  3. Shark Boyfriend ("Sidon's Theme" from "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild") [Cover] by Bi Score (Carrie Wood and Ian Cowell)
  4. Made Like This by Hot Laundry on Made Like This (Hot Laundry)
  5. World Begins by Elegant Trash on Momentum (Elegant Trash)
  6. Tight Pants and The Dynamite by Tight Pants and The Dynamite on Tight Pants and The Dynamite (Tight Pants and The Dynamite)
  7. Without Fire by Fire Trail on One of the Two (Fire Trail)
  8. thanksgiving break by swell foop, Sophia Shen, Stretcher on thanksgiving break (swell foop)
  9. blake st. by today station on blake st. (Pollen Thief Records)
  10. Likewise by The Troubs on Likewise (Fruitmonk)
  11. you're okay by cielo on you're okay (Cielo's Records)
  12. Shamble by Curling on No Guitar (Self-Released)
  13. A View From The End Of A Dream by In Plain Air on Sunnyside (Mean World Records)
  14. Damn The Sky (For Being Too Wide) by Tracy Bonham on Damn The Sky (For Being Too Wide) (A Woody Hollow)
  15. Nostalgia Kills by Jill Sobule on Nostalgia Kills (Pinko Records)
  16. Violets by Mount Saint Elias on GOLDENROD (Mount Saint Elias)
  17. Situated by Suzanimal on Situated (Suzanimal)
  18. cordless phone by Desoto Reds on cordless Phone (Bad Under Good)
  19. Outer Space is Boring by The Freak Accident on Outer Space is Boring (Nerve Center)
  20. Three by Apprehenchmen on Murder Eyes (Lacuna)
  21. Shit Out Of Luck by The Tortured on UNITE (628662 Records DK)
  22. Shit LIst by The New Suburbans on The New Suburbans (4126183 Records DK)
  23. The Captain Goes Down With The Ship by Realistic Orchestra, Adam Theis, Jazz Mafia, Dublin on The Captain Goes Down With The Ship (JM Collective)
  24. Leap Year II by J. Graves on Leap Year II (Jessa Graves)
  25. Weddings Lately by BABERS on Somebody's Loss (BABERS)
  26. Convenient Hell by Kalinders on Convenient Hell (Cherry Angioma)
  27. Tiny Ass Beverage by Crop Top on Tiny Ass Beverage (Diet Beer)
  28. Room In The City by Kassi Valazza on Kassi Valazza Knows Nothing (Fluff and Gravy Records)
  29. Big Time, Sucka by Leslie Stevens on Leslie Stevens (Leslie Stevens)
  30. Don't Stop The Music by Yarbrough & Peoples on The Two of Us (Mercury Records)