Baydream Ep. 9 ft. Our Friend Kiley

Major Bay Area music fan and my friend Kiley joins us today to discuss some of her favorite Bay Area artists.


  1. Sythesize by Pink Stiletto on Sythesize (Self) Local
  2. Definition by Street Eaters on The Envoy (Self) Local
  3. Si​ú​il A R​ú​n by Tabernacle on Si​ú​il A R​ú​n b​/​w The Ship In Distress (God's Eye Records) Local
  4. Mirror of Reality by BOLERO! on Mirror of Reality (FREAK FLAG RADIO) Local
  5. FFBF by Neighborhood Brats on Confines of Life (Dirt Cult Records) Local
  6. Shaboolee by Brontez Purnell on Confirmed Bachelor (Upset The Rhythm) Local
  7. City Girl by Cellar Doors on Cellar Doors (Self) Local
  8. Landlocked by The Seismics on Lost Summer (Oumuamua) Local
  9. Weight by Medscool on RAW (Daddy Blast Records) Local
  10. Jet Set by Pound Puppies on Unreleased (Self) Local
  11. LEMURIA by Tigers Eye on LEMURIA (Self) Local
  12. My Friend of Misery by Cherry Glazerr on The Metallica Blacklist (Blackened)
  13. Flower Dance by James Wavey on James Wavey Roses (Mantra) Local