Distant Stations #3: Portland


  1. Alghafiat by Amanar on Music from Saharan Cellphones
  2. Tahoultine by Mdou Moctar on Music from Saharan Cellphones
  3. Mdou Moctar - Anar (by Mdou Moctar) by Mdou Moctar on The Mdou Moctar Covers
  4. Koumba Fri Fri (Gulls Slowed Version) by Mamelon (Boomarm Nation)
  5. Zinizjimogh Dim by Abba Gargando on Abba Gargando (Sahel Sounds)
  6. Kobon Lerai by Mammane Sani et son Orgue on La Musique Electronique du Niger (Sahel Sounds)
  7. dontDJ by Auguste Solo (remix) on Music For Saharan Cellphones (Boomarm Nation)
  8. Why Would I Now? by The Decemberists on Florasongs (Capitol Records)
  9. Splice by Rare Monk on (single) (B3SCI Records)
  10. Get High by Tender Age on (single) (SINIS Recordings)
  11. White Lies, Yellow Teeth by Modest Mouse on The Lonesome Crowded West (reissue) (Glacial Pace Records)
  12. A Dot Running for the Dust by Helvetia on Dromomania (Joyful Noise)
  13. Moonbeam by Jackson Boone on Natural Changes (Self-released)
  14. Fix My Brain by Marked Men on Fix My Brain (reissue) (Dirtnap Records)
  15. Nothing by Nervosas on Nervosas II (Dirtnap Records)
  16. No Connection by Radioactivity on Silent Kill (Dirtnap Records)
  17. IC3D by Phylums on Phylum Phyloid (Dirtnap Records)
  18. Strength by VEXX on VEXX (M'lady's)
  19. White Frosted by Taiwan Housing Project on Taiwan Housing Project EP (M'Ladys)
  20. What's Your Name by Mecca Normal on Empathy For The Evil (M'ladys)
  21. Squiddly Diddly [LBBF Demo] by Tronics on Say! What is this (M'ladys)
  22. A Trial by Ruby Pins on Ruby Pins (M'Ladys)
  23. Cariñito by Reynosa on (single) (M'ladys)
  24. Sunshine Kim by Halo Halo on (single) (Savoury Days)
  25. Where to begin by The Golden Awesome on Awesome (M'ladys)
  26. Portland by Coasting on You're Never Going Back (M'ladys)
  27. Frustration Rock by Tyvek on Fast Metabolism (M'ladys)
  28. Hurricane by Talk Normal on (single) (M'ladys)
  29. Workout by Nature on (single) (M'ladys)
  30. Serpent Song by Religious to Damn on glass prayer (M'ladys)
  31. Why? by Lala Vasquez on EP (M'ladys)
  32. Honey by YUNG BAE on Honey // I Want Your Love (self release)
  33. Sometime (feat. Brasstracks) by Dallas Cotton (self release)
  34. Break
  35. 100% balani show by dj sandji on balani show (sahel sounds)