Ep. 125 - "Test Flight"

Hello and good morning BFF community! It's been a whirlwind past few weeks, resulting in some solid gold releases. I'm excited to showcase some new favorites today, both local and beyond, with recent releases from Oranger, Bad Tiger, Magic Fig, Solipse, somesurprises, Friko, Jane Weaver, and many more!


  1. All This Useless Energy by Jeff Rosenstock on POST- (Polyvinyl)
  2. You Never Minced Your Words by I Love Your Lifestyle on The Movie (Dog Knights)
  3. Monday by Slow Fiction (So Young) New
  4. Clown Cars On Cinder Blocks by Dillinger Four on C I V I L W A R (Fat Wreck)
  5. Small Finds by Sleater-Kinney on Little Rope (Loma Vista) New
  6. No Alibi by Career Woman (LAUREN) New
  7. Hier ist der Beweis by Tocotronic on Tocotronic (Rock-O-Tronic)
  8. Looking Glass by Solipse (self-released) New
  9. Goodbye Suzy by Magic Fig (Silver Current) New Local
  10. The Tier Drop by Ulrika Spacek (Tough Love)
  11. Moonbow by Circles Around The Sun, Mikaela Davis (Kill Rock Stars) New
  12. Glass Jaw by chokecherry on Single (self-released) Local
  13. Everyone Out by DIIV (Fantasy) New
  14. The Sun by Mirah on The Old Days Feeling (Modern Radio)
  15. New Growth by Bad Tiger on Bliss (Bad Tiger) New Local
  16. Get Numb To It! by Friko on Where We've Been, Where We Go From Here (ATO) New
  17. Förträngda problem by Bob Hund on Omslag: Martin Kann (Silence)
  18. Haywire by Bedhead on WhatFunLifeWas (Numero Group)
  19. I Don't Know by Teenage Fanclub on Bandwagonesque (David Geffen)
  20. Caverns Of Silence And Rust by Oranger on Everyone Says You're Lots Of Fun (Upset Cat) New Local
  21. You're Also A Jerk by Washer (Exploding In Sound) New
  22. Bedhead by Puppy Angst on Scorpio Season (self-released)
  23. Looking For The Sun by Mary Timony on Untame The Tiger (Merge) New
  24. Aphelion by Arab Strab (Rock Action)
  25. N.L. by The Notwist on Shrink (Planetary Group)
  26. International Colouring Contest by Stereolab on Mars Audiac Quintet (Elektra)
  27. Is Metal by Jane Weaver (Fire) New
  28. Be Reasonable by somesurprises (Doom Trip) New