4/24/2024 G's Chill Lounge - Host/Dj: Gina Alexander

Urban Indie with a touch of International!

The best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music.

**Background music is from the D Brax "330" Album


  1. Frozen by Haley Smalls on Timelines (Self Release) New
  2. Your Love Is All I Need by VEDO on Single (New Wav/Island Prolific/EMPIRE) New
  3. Caught In The Middle by Jessica Jolia, Yaahn Hunter Jr. on Single (Dekada Records) New Local
  4. HERicane by Lucky Daye on Single (RCA Records) New
  5. Stuck In My Ways by Sydny August on ROTATIONS EP (Self Release)
  6. May B U feat. Denali Nova by Andrea Carax on Single (Venice Music) New
  7. Breathe Me by TYLA on TYLA (Sony Music)
  8. Try feat. Tyler Lauren by Mayzin on Things Left Unsaid (Golden State Entertainment) New
  9. Greens by Raquel Rodriguez on Single (Self Release) New
  10. Attack of the Dreadlocks feat. Rae Khalil by Seafood Sam on Standing on Giant Shoulders (Self Release) New
  11. Legacy by Screen Jazzmaster on Single (Lofi Chill Records) New
  12. Walk Away by Pieter T. on Single (3L/Kog Records)
  13. Cinnamon & Sugar by Tanisha on Single (Mandatory Music) New
  14. Burning Room by Cedric Brazle on What I Know Now (Deluxe) (Emperium Entertainment/3rd Step Recordings)
  15. Blue Eyes by Astels on Lost In A New Era (Self Release) New
  16. Who's To Blame by CHELAN on Run To The Sun EP (Staircase Records)
  17. Tell Me Is It Worth It by Lina Nikol on A Mood Called You (Stereofox)
  18. With You feat. Blush'ko by Mickey Kojak on Single (Mandatory Music)
  19. Lover/Friend feat. Rochelle Jordan by KAYTRANADA on Lover/Friend (RCA Records)
  20. Is It Mine feat. J.O.Y by SLOWZ on Digital Love (Purple Glowz)
  21. 7 Days by Lily Massie on Single (Pop Soul Records) New
  22. Eyes Closed by Majid Jordan on Good People (OVO Sound)
  23. Body by LOKRE on Single (Above Ground Productions) New
  24. Drop Top by Dante Riverz on Single (PS & NuWave Records)
  25. Show feat. Rochelle Jordan by SANGO on Single (Sango Recordings)
  26. Soft Life by Tony J. on Single (TRILLNB Sound)
  27. Summer Rain by Abrina on Single (Dazzle Records)
  28. Found You by Croosh on 310917 (Croosh LLC) New
  29. Something Real by Chae on Single (Self Release)
  30. 4ever feat. gabby parafina by Elhé on Single (Self Release)
  31. Universe by GATS, Oh Genius on Single (Self Release)
  32. Closer feat. Paul Blanco & Mahalia by RM of BTS on Indigo (BigHit Music)
  33. don't miss me too much by Thuy on Single (Self Release) Local
  34. Led Me To You by Great Good Fine OK on EXIST EP (Nettwerk Music Group)
  35. NIghts Without You by Kallitechnis on Nights Without You EP (Soul Over Ego) New
  36. This Ain't About Us by Khadi Lee on Single (Khadi Lee Music, Inc)
  37. Hold On feat. Sean Paul by Young Jonn on Jiggy Forever (Chocolate City Music) New
  38. I Choose You feat. DDROID & Janel Antonishia by La Shana Latrice on Everything Is Still Changing (Self Release)
  39. Jeje by OCHE on Single (Never Alone)