The Lorde Celebrates 420 Day


  1. Daughter of Zion by Glenn Schwartz and Joe Walsh on Daughter of Zion (Columbia)
  2. Cindy, It Was Only YOu by Steve Wynn and the Miracle 3 on Tick Tick tick (Blue Rose)
  3. Autumn Term by PJ Harvey on Inside (Island)
  4. Jelsy by Bar Italia on Jelsy (Matador)
  5. El President by Drugstore on Greatest Hits (Cherry Red)
  6. Won't Beg Anymore by The Third Power on Believe (NA)
  7. Plan A by Dandy Warhols on Welcome to the Monkeyhouse (Beat of the World)
  8. Time Will Tell by Holly Golightly on Truly She Is None Other (Damaged Goods)
  9. The Right Stuff by Noel Gallegher and his High Flying Birds on Chaing Yesterday (Sour Mash)
  10. Cybele's Reverie by Stereolab on Emperor Tomato Ketchup (Elektra)
  11. Bonnie and Clyde by Luna on Penthouse (Stolen Transmission)
  12. Kinky Afro by Happy Mondays on Greatest hits (Factory)
  13. You and I by Graham Coxon on Love Tunnels at Illegal Speeds (Next Level)
  14. The High Road by The Feelies on The Good Earth (Bar None)
  15. Disillusion by Badly Draw Boy on The Hour of the Bewilderbeast (Twisted Nerve)
  16. Night Nurse by Dean and Brita on L'Adventura (NA)
  17. Death in Vegas by Aladin's Story on The Contino Sessions (Drone)
  18. Govinda by Kula Shaker on K (Columbia)
  19. The Sky Was All Diseased by Black Market Karma on Friends in Noise (Fuzz Club 33)
  20. Born of Frustration by James on One Day QST (Rough Trade)
  21. Shine a Light by Spiritualized on Lazer Guided Melodies (FAT)
  22. Servo by Brian Jonestown Massacre on Give It Back (BOMP!)
  23. Remember Me by Tame Impala on Sundown Syndrom (Creation)
  24. Leave Them All Behind by Ride on Gang Bank Again (Killer Rock Stars)