Ep 310: "Hold Me/ I'll Hold You"

Episode title is from the song "Hold Me" by the Seshen (bandcamp), who play Eli's Mile High Club on Saturday with Mahawam and Dani Offline.

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  1. I Killed a Hesher Once by Mahawam on Hot Pressed (Molly House/ Walk Cycle)

    Local Saturday at Eli's Mile High Club: Mahawam/ The Seshen/ Dani Offline

  2. Hold Me by The Seshen on Nowhere (self released) Local
  3. I Believe You by Dani Offline on Mirror (self released) Local
  4. Pop Song by Torrey on Torrey (Slumberland)

    Local Tuesday at Bottom of the Hill: Torrey/ Pillowprince/ Rosie Tucker (LA)

  5. World of Color by Pillowprince (self released) Local
  6. I'm Honest Most of the Time by B. Hamilton on The Freest Speech Ever Attempted without Disintegrating (self released)

    Local Tuesday at Little Hill Lounge: B. Hamilton/ Levi Thomas

  7. Road, Kill by Levi Thomas on Big Sky (self released) Local
  8. 1 2 Call by CVCC on Ivy Hill EP (self released)

    Local Saturday at the Golden Bull: CVCC EP release/ States of Nature/ Parisian Mansluts

  9. Brighter than Before by States of Nature on Brighter than Before (self released) Local
  10. All for Nothing by Kalinders on Fool for the Proving EP (self released)

    Local Saturday at the Ivy Room: Kalinders EP release/ Katsy Pline/ Fieldress/ Crop Top

  11. I Know the You've Already Moved On by Katsy Pline on Incandescent Fire (Take a Turn Records) Local
  12. Escapade by Fieldress on Lost Spring (self released) Local
  13. Make Me Right by Total Pleasure (self released)

    Local Friday at the Elbo Room: Total Pleasure (LA)/ Public Interest/ Parallel/ Plattenbau

  14. Why Bother? by Public Interest on Spiritual Pollution (Erste Theke Tontraeger) Local
  15. Bring Me Down by Parallel on Parallel (Cherub Dream) Local
  16. Dark Sacred Night by Plattenbau on Beside the Blade: A Glowing Dagger Compilation (Glowing Dagger) Local
  17. Dead When It Started by Rip Room on Alight and Resound (Sptartan)

    Local Thursday at the Knockout: Rip Room/ Baus/ System Exclusive (Pasadena)

  18. Fake News by Baus on Songs to Snake To (Digital Regress) Local
  19. Another Day Gone By by Mayya on Mixtape for Palestine (Seaweed Sway)

    Local Saturday at thee Stork Club: Mayya/ Smokin’ Ziggurats

  20. Phone Booth by Smokin' Ziggurats on Phone Booth EP (self released) Local