1. Sunshine Hypnose by Leila Bordreuil on Headflush (Catch Wave Ltd)
  2. Maniac Drug Dealer by Lil Ugly Mane on Mista Thug Isolation (s/r)
  3. Santiago by Dedalus on Dedalus (Target)
  4. Echoing Green by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma on On The Echoing Green (Kemado)
  5. I See You by Thirsty Moon on You'll Never Come Back (Fuego)
  6. State of The Nation by Fad Gadget on Fireside Favourites (Mute)
  7. A Fragrance of moss and chalk by Lisa Lerkenfeldt on Halos of Perception (Shelter Press)
  8. New Violet by Second Still on Violet Phase (Fabrika)
  9. Woe Unto Us by Have A Nice Life on Time of Land (The Flenser)
  10. Washington Jail by Jackson C. Frank on Fixin' To Die (Secret)
  11. A1- It's just a burning memory by The Caretaker on Everywhere At The End of Time (Stage 1) (LEITER)
  12. 16 by Conrad Schnitzler on Conrad & Sohn (Bureau B)
  13. Eine Symphonie Des Grauens by The Monochrome Set on He's Frank...We're The Monochrome Set (Cherry Red)
  14. The Light Draws Near by Annelies Monseré on Happiness Is Within Sight (Stroom)
  15. Goldregen by Roedelius on Wenn der Südwind weht (Sky)
  16. Logos by Atlas Sound on Logos (Kranky)
  17. Hondy by Ann Eysermans on Moonlight Shadoh (Cortizona)
  18. Moon Is Sharp by Grouper on Alien Observer (Yellowelectric)
  19. On Opposite Sides of Sleep by Lea Bertucci (Cibachrome Editions)
  20. Lost Without A Dame by Daniel Johnston on Don't Be Scared (Eternal Yip Eye)
  21. Dlana, noc by Manja Ristic on Him, fast sleeping, soon he found In labyrinth of many a round, self-rolled (Mappa Editions)
  22. From The Morning by Nick Drake on Pink Moon (Island)
  23. Warm Rain by Anika on Eat Liquid (Liquid Milk)
  24. Impudent Hussy by Charles on Let's Start A Family Tonight (Babe City)
  25. We Kiss by Psychic TV on Allegory & Self (Sacred Bones)