Maniac Mansion


  1. I Wanna Be Your Dog by Sonic Youth on Live at CBGB's (nugs)
  2. Run From the Sun by Why Bother? on Serenading Unwanted Ballads (Feel It)
  3. Gemini Cusp by Polvo on Today's Active Lifestyles (Matador)
  4. Green by The Stick Figures (Floating Mill)
  5. Cue Synthesizer by Destroyer on Have We Met (Merge)
  6. One Note by Ikara Colt on Chat and Business (Fantastic Plastic)
  7. S-S-S-Star Eyes by Colin Newman on A-Z (Beggars Banquet)
  8. Cul De Sac by GG King on Remain Intact (Total Punk)
  9. Pharmacy Spirits by Pharmacy Spirits on Every Song Ended in 1994 (Pharmacy Spirits)
  10. Sixteen Ways by Vivian Girls on Share the Joy (Polyvinyl)
  11. Can't Exist by Tyvek on Origin of What (In the Red)
  12. Mannequin by Die Kreuzen on Die Kreuzen (Touch and Go)
  13. Satan's Son by Haunted George on Pile O' Meat (Hook or Crook)