Ep. 128 - "Waffle Knit"

Anticipating May flowers... It's been a beautiful Monday morning, the calm after the storm (Saturday was intense!), and we're kicking it off with a set of back-to-back showstopping indie rock. Today we're hearing new tracks from Lagun, Pardoner, Grocer, Little Oil, Plastic Tones, Plum Vision, and more!


  1. White Rabbit by Plum Vision (self-released) New
  2. Bubblegum Lightning by Stove on Is the Meat That Fell Out (Exploding In Sound)
  3. Maya by Rubblebucket on Rubblebucket (self-released)
  4. Black Star by Plastic Tones on We're All In This Together (self-released) New
  5. Honeycomb by Helium on The Dirt of Luck (Matador)
  6. Apollo by Slow Fiction (So Young) New
  7. 3:45 by Pllush on Stranger To The Pain (Father/Daughter) Local
  8. Golden Sedan by Grocer on Bless Me (Grind Select) New
  9. Finds You Well by Cherryburn (Aluminum Boy) New
  10. Field Of Ruins by Daniel Romano on Too Hot To Sleep (You've Changed) New
  11. Future Of Music by Pardoner (Convulse) New Local
  12. Survival Of The Fittest / It's A Jungle Out There by Desaparecidos on Read Music/Speak Spanish (Saddle Creek)
  13. Regular Love Triangle by Shinobu on Worstward, Ho! (Asian Man)
  14. Everyone That Loves You by Bomb The Music Industry! on Vacation (Ernest Jenning)
  15. Operation Pt.II by Uranium Club on All Of Them Naturals (Static Shock)
  16. Thieves Like Us by Iceage on Beyondless (Matador)
  17. Red Moon by Little Oil on Twelve Songs (Fountain Inc.) New Local
  18. Out Of The Woodwork by Courtney Barnett on The Double EP (Mom + Pop)
  19. Nerds by The Dodos on Beware Of The Maniacs (The Dodos) Local
  20. Labrador by Velocity Girl on Simpatico! (Sub Pop)
  21. Attraction Action Reaction by The Aislers Set on How I Learned To Write Backwards (Suicide Squeeze) Local
  22. Slow Learning, Long Yearning by Vilde (self-released) New
  23. Canary by bloodsports (Warner Brews) New
  24. Silverdream by Lagun (self-released) New
  25. Alien by Beach House (Sub Pop)
  26. Let It Go by American Culture, Midwife on Single (Convulse) New
  27. Lifter Puller vs. The End Of The Evening by Lifter Puller on Fiestas & Fiascos (Frenchkiss)
  28. Jump Cut by Corridor on Mimi (Sub Pop) New
  29. Scared To Look by Welcome Strawberry on Scared To Look (Cherub Dream) New Local