1. Sharpie Smile by Kamikaze Palm Tree on Good Boy (muddguts)
  2. She Noticed by Pregnant on Single (Disorder Recordings Ltd.)
  3. If I Ever Feel Better by Phoenix on United (Source)
  4. Road Runner by Super Hit on Move Closer To Your World (Cudighi Records)
  5. Red Alert (feat. Ratatat) by CSS on La Liberación (V2 Music)
  6. Runaway by Sam Evian on Plunge (Flying Cloud Recordings/Thirty Tigers)
  7. Wasting My Time by Hannah Cohen on Wasting My Time (Bella Union)
  8. Lazy Eyes by Yot Club on Rufus (Amuseio AB)
  9. after dark by boyscott on after dark (boyscott and many hats distribution)
  10. Milk Crisis by The Go! Team on Proof Of Youth (Memphis Industries)
  11. the hand that feeds by Abracadabra on the hand that feeds (melodic)
  12. Lazy Line Painter Jane by Belle & Sebastian on Push Barman to Open Old Wound (Matador)
  13. American Dream by Donny Benet on Infinite Desires (Donnyland)
  14. Spin by otnes on show them what's inside (Antifragile Music)
  15. Fried Rice by Royel Otis on PRATTS & PAIN (Ourness Pty)
  16. Dance Now by Girl and Girl on Divorce+ (Sub Pop)
  17. Homo Sapiens by L'eclair, The Mauskovic Dance Band on Homo Sapiens/Take the Money (Bongo Joe)
  18. I Smile for E by Rahill on Flowers At Your Feet (Big Dada)
  19. Sound and Vision by Helado Negro on Sound And Vision (BBE Music)
  20. Please Respect Our Decadence by Algebra Suicide on The Secret Like Crazy (Self released)
  21. Under Control by Oracle Sisters on Under Control (GM Records / Wizard Artists)
  22. Malade by Lawrence Arabia on Malade (Charlotte Yates)
  23. Getting' Away With Your Gal (feat. Bill Callahan) by The Echocentrics on Echo Hotel (Nacional)
  24. Do You Dream In Color by Bill Nelson on Quit Dreaming (And Get On The Beam) (Mercury)
  25. Unknown Trail by Electric III on Twisted Light (Amore!Phonics)
  26. Casa De Mel by Brad Goodall on Casa De Mel (Brad Goodall)
  27. Newfound Oxygen by Steady Holiday on Newfound Oxygen (Steady Holiday)
  28. Once I Was by Jacober on Friends (Crafted Sounds)
  29. Quality Pints by The Bug Club on Quality Pints (Sub Pop)
  30. Mr. Number One by Long Island Railroad, Smushie, Ryan on Mr. Number One (Malfroy)