Ep 313: "Enter the World"

One of my favorite episodes, this one.

Episode title "Enter the World" refers to the album by Combo, who play their final show Tuesday 5pm at Amoeba SF. (bandcamp)

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  1. Minimal Flavor by Combo on Enter the World (Discontinuous Innovations Inc.)

    Local Tuesday 5pm at Amoeba SF: Combo final show

  2. Let You Go by Suver on Treatment Plan EP (self released)

    Local Saturday afternoon at Thrillhouse Records: Suver/ Hits/ Badlands (LA)/ Night Shuttle/ Alex & Friends

  3. Rage Juice by Hits on Cielo Nublado (Paisley Shirt) Local
  4. A Face In the Crowd by Optic Sink (Space Case Records)

    Thursday at the Knockout: Optic Sink (Memphis)/ Warp/ Itchy & the Nits (Sydney)/ The Circulators

  5. Bonehead by Warp on Traffic Control (Thrilling Living) Local
  6. Beat it Bozo! by Itchy & the Nits on Worst Of (Total Punk)
  7. Future Of Music by Pardoner on Paranoid in Hell (Convulse)

    Local Thursday at the Kilowatt: Pardoner/ Blue Zero/ Guitar (Portland)/ Nick Normal (ditto)

  8. Lemon Year by Blue Zero on Welcome to Oakland compilation (Dandy Boy Records) Local
  9. My City My Rules by Guitar on Casting Spells on Turtlehead (Spared Flesh Records/ Julia's War Recordings)
  10. something by figure eight on you cry for eternity (cherub dream) Local
  11. Tamagotchi by Hook-Ups on Fox and the Hound (self released)

    Local Saturday at Great American Music Hall, a Palestine Children’s Relief Fund Benefit: Hook-Ups/ Still Ruins/ Squiggle

  12. Sticky by Lil Flower Nasti (self released)

    Local Wednesday at Hotel Utah: Lil Flower Nasti/ Lane Lines (Seattle)/ Cait La Dee

  13. People Are Sponges by Fog Lamp on Anxious Stargazing (self released)

    Local Tuesday at Stay Gold Deli: Fog Lamp/ Ambient Living/ Stucco (Calgary)/ Magic User. Wednesday at thee Stork Club: Fog Lamp/ Optic Sink (Memphis)/ Jeweled Snakes

  14. Out of Bed by Ambient Living (self released) Local
  15. Second Cry Choir by Aux Meadows on Dust Kingdom (Perpetual Doom)

    Local Wednesday at the Ivy Room: Aux Meadows/ Donald Beaman/ The Sunshine Bores

  16. Glass Bottom Boat by Donald Beaman on Fog on Mirror Glass (Royal Oakie) Local
  17. This World by Lunchbox on Pop and Circumstance (Slumberland)

    Local Thursday at Jade Cathay in San Jose: Lunchbox/ Natasha Sandworms/ Softie/ Ryann Gonsalves

  18. Computer Hum by Natasha Sandworms on Natasha Sandworms (self released) Local
  19. Don't Look Down by Softie (self released) Local
  20. Burrowing by Ryann Gonsalves on Ouch! (Dandy Boy Records)

    Local Friday at SubRosa Santa Cruz: Lunchbox/ Ryann Gonsalves/ Hook-Ups/ Racecourse

  21. I Love the Radio by Latitude on Mystic Hotline (Emotional Response)

    Local Saturday at the Makeout Room: Lunchbox/ Latitude

  22. High Tide by Healers on High Tide (self released)

    Local Friday at Tamarack: Healers/ Caitlin Angelica (Minneapolis)/ Kathy & the Gumpies/ Miriam Valentine

  23. The Hum of Your Voice by Caitlin Angelica on Now I Know (self released)
  24. Combination B by Combo on Combo (Discontinuous Innovations Inc) Local