Ep. 130 - "Sweetgrass"

Sometimes it's nice to start the week a little slower -- every so often, I like to swap my coffee for some herbal tea, and wait to ramp up a bit more in the afternoon. Today we're starting off smoothly with some fresh tracks from mary in the junkyard, Arab Strap, Loma, Amen Dunes, Mdou Moctar, Crumb, and more.


  1. Dying Breed by Slam Dunk on Welcome To Miami (File Under: Music)
  2. All The X's Have Wings by Helium on The Dirt Of Luck (Matador)
  3. Take The Bit Between Your Teeth by Electrelane on The Power Out (Too Pure)
  4. Fireworks by Equipe de Foot on Chantal (self-released)
  5. David's Dead by A. Savage on Several Songs About Fire (Rough Trade)
  6. Static On The High Desert by Oranger on Shutdown The Sun (Jackpine Social Club) Local
  7. Cadillac Joe by Prism Bitch on Prism Bitch (self-released)
  8. Rock Yeah by Disco Doom on Numerals (Exploding In Sound)
  9. marble arch by mary in the junkyard (AMF) New
  10. Silhouette by Cellar Doors on Cellar Doors (self-released) Local
  11. Flashing Before Your Eyes by Triptides on Visitors (Requiem Pour Un Twist)
  12. Clockwork by Lime Garden on Marbles (So Young)
  13. Tiger Eye by Sunbathe on Somewhere In Between (Time Release)
  14. Bathroom Stall by Sour Widows on Crossing Over (Exploding In Sound) Local
  15. Maroon Bible by Beulah on Handsome Western States (self-released)
  16. Pink Sky by Loma (Sub Pop) New
  17. The Bug by Crumb on AMAMA (self-released) New
  18. Purple Land by Amen Dunes on Death Jokes (Sub Pop) New
  19. Texas Drums Pt. I & II by Pottery on Welcome To Bobby's Motel (Partisan)
  20. Busted Lip by Heatmiser on Cop And Speeder (Frontier)
  21. More Sweet Soul by Pretty Girls Make Graves on Good Health (Lookout)
  22. Oh, France by Mdou Moctar on Funeral For Justice (Matador) New
  23. The Contortionist by June Rosewell (self-released) New
  24. The Separation by Ceremony on The L-Shaped Man (Matador)
  25. Bon Voyage by Quasi on Field Studies (Up!)
  26. Safe & Well by Arab Strap on i'm totally fine with it don't give a fuck anymore (Rock Action) New
  27. Krill by Califone on All My Friends Are Funeral Singers (Dead Oceans)