1. Dead Air by Blush Response on Dead Air (Blush Response)
  2. Three by Nice Legs on Lullaby Land (Nice Legs)
  3. In My Keep by Silver Swans on In My Keep (self-released)
  4. Deaf Heartbeats by Venera 4 on Deaf Heartbeats (Venera 4)
  5. Seasick Summer by HAWK on Sum Of All Things (Veta Records)
  6. Room 14 (I'm Fine) by Keep Shelly In Athens on At Home (Cascine)
  7. Those Days by Noire on Those Days (Noire)
  8. Koto by fait on Atmosphere (fait)
  9. Drippin by Honeyslide on Drippin (Honeyslide)
  10. Ontario Gothic by Foxes In Fiction on Ontario Gothic (Orchid Tapes)
  11. Kiss A Girl In Black by Fleeting Joys on Kiss A Girl In Black (Fleeting Joys)
  12. Over by Alice Boman on Be Mine (The Control Group)
  13. Violet Haze by Everything By Electricity on Violet Haze (Everything By Electricity)
  14. Ephemera by GEMS on Medusa (GEMS)
  15. To Forget by Manon Meurt on Manon Meurt (Manon Meurt)
  16. Strange Attraction by Diana on Perpetual Surrender (Jagjaguwar)
  17. Better Days by Young Prisms on In Between (Kanine)
  18. This Landscape Is Our Escape by Dream Curtain on Unknown Ends (Dream Curtain)
  19. Joy by Hideous Towns on Joy (Hideous Towns)
  20. Lovers by Selebrities on Lovely Things (Cascine)
  21. Bonfire by Memoryhouse on The Slideshow Effect (Sub Pop)
  22. Soak It Up by Houses on All Night (Houses)
  23. Wrapped by Letting Up Despite Great Faults on Neon (Letting Up Despite Great Faults)
  24. Never Be The Same by Ulrich Schnauss on Goodbye (Independiente)
  25. Romantic Streams by Sleep Over on Forever (Hippos In Tanks)
  26. Sleeptalking by Hella Better Dancer on Sleeptalking (Beautiful Strange)
  27. Grace by Children on Leaving Home (Fleet Union)
  28. Wide Open Road by The Triffids on Born Sandy Devotional (Mushroom)