Melters 092614

A hell of a show - limited edition appearances from DJ E-Pine Fresh (Eli Groshelle) and DJ Troubles (Thomas Rubenstein). A lot of tracks and a lot of excitement leading up to Bay Area Record Fair tomorrow at Thee Parkside.


  1. Croatan by Goslings on Grandeur of Hair (aRCHIVE)
  2. Revi Persees by Riistetyt on Skitsofrenia (Propaganda)
  3. Men in Blue by Life Sentence on Life Sentence 12" EP (Walkthrufyre)
  4. Always - A Friend for Life by Warzone on Open Your Eyes (Caroline Records)
  5. Why Isnt There War by Disclose on The Aspects of War (FFT)
  6. Making Love with the Devil by Zouo on The Final Agony (Crust War)
  7. Poison by Motorhead on Bomber (Bronze Records)
  8. Black Ice by Musk on Degenerate Flexi (Degenerate)
  9. Wilderness by Bridge Collapse (Crime on the Moon)
  10. Growing Inside by Blank Realm on Go Easy (Siltbreeze)
  11. Handle by Dunes on S/T EP (Mexican Summer)
  12. Body M/F Count by Body Count on Born Dead (Rhyme $yndicate Records)
  13. Frustration by Crisis on We Are All Jews And Germans ‎ (World Serpent)
  14. Intro by Glue on Demo (Self-released)
  15. The Evil Clergy by Rudimentary Peni on Cacophony (Outer Himalayan Records)
  16. Black and Grey by Stalag 13 on In Control (Upstart Records)
  17. Baby Maker by Pale Saints on Half-Life EP (4AD)
  18. Come Together by Primal Scream (Creation Records)
  19. Chinese Town by Clockcleaner on Auf Wiedersehen (Load)
  20. Definitive Gaze by Magazine on Real Life (Virgin)
  21. Cult of Video by Video (No Good Records)
  22. Question of Temperature by The Lords of the New Church on The Lords of the New Church (IRS)
  23. Tabula Rasa by Synthetic ID on Escapement (Crime on the Moon)
  24. Scenes from a Marriage by Total Control (Sub Pop)
  25. Like Flies on Sherbert by Alex Chilton on Like Flies on Sherbert (Vinyl Lovers)
  26. Cold Hands by Pants Yell! on Received Pronunciation (Slumberland)
  27. Wimpy Garcia by The Gotobeds on Poor People are Revolting (12XU)
  28. Ride the Darker Wave by Sebadoh on Rocking the Forest (20/20 Recordings)
  29. Sparkle That Shines by Straightjacket Fits on Life in one Chord (Flying Nun)
  30. A New Leaf by Household on Elaines (Dull Knife)
  31. Tinnitus by Ausmuteants on Ausmuteants (Goner)
  32. Emotional Levy by The Aislers Set on How I Learned to Write Backwards (Slumberland)
  33. Opress Me by Ajax on Demo (Self-released)