The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/guest co-host Lori Lust 11/12/2015


  1. Baphomet by Roadside Memorial
  2. Ludzie Wshodu by Last Days Of Jesus
  3. Twist My Way by Arch Criminals on Hang
  4. Tears of a Star by Super Heroines on Love and Pain
  5. Glampyre by Saints of Ruin on Glampyre
  6. Vivid Still Beating by All Gone Dead
  7. Lion King by Ghosting
  8. Shade by Gild The Mourn
  9. Timeless by The Rain Within on Thunderheart
  10. Sirens and Satellites by Ego Likeness on Breedless
  11. Darkness by Ego Likeness on When The Wolves Return
  12. Thunderheart by The Rain Within on The Rain Within
  13. Terror (Is A State Of Mind) by In Letter Form
  14. Strap On Halo by Gloomy Sunday
  15. And If You Forget by Christ Vs. Warhol on Dissent
  16. Dive by Bauhaus on In The Flat Field
  17. The Kill by Joy Division on Still
  18. Icon by Siouxsie and The Banshees on Join Hands
  19. Happy Birthday by The Birthday Massacre
  20. The Broken Ones by Diva Destructions
  21. Midnight Creature by Lebanon Hanover
  22. Plastic Night Sky by Bloody, Dead and Sexy
  23. Monsters by Cruxshadows