The B0ardcast Episode 57


  1. Batman by Mr. California and the Mr. California Band on Drunk Batman (Visit
  2. Something Wrong by Mr. California and the Mr. California Band on Drunk Batman (Visit
  3. $ by Young Trynas on Probably Music (Visit
  4. Society's Dropout by Sub Society on Hocus Pocus soundtrack (
  5. HOLIDAY by NANCY on NANCY LP (Visit
  6. Pleaser by Night School on Night School (Visit
  7. Strange Rage by Nots on We Are Nots
  8. Outhouse Countdown by Perverts Again on All Over Again (Visit
  9. 13 by royal brat on NEGATIVE BONE (Visit
  10. Doubt by Jim Nothing on Zig Zag Blues (Visit
  11. Cool District by Nar on History (Visit
  12. Negative Thoughts and Jealousy by Pinact on Stand Still and Rot (Visit
  13. Hail Seitan by Milk Crimes on Milk Crimes (Visit
  14. Kristl And Rachel by Heavy Pet on Heavy Pet / Oakland Health Academy Split Cassette (Emotional Response)
  15. Too Far by WHALO on SLEEPY - EP (Visit
  16. Gimme Good Love by The Shanghais on Fall In Love EP (Visit
  17. Why Do I Try? by Detective Agency on DK28 NOW! (Visit
  18. Think Of Me (Grrr version) by Strawberry Story on Gravy (Visit
  19. Your Body Will Be Freed by Brolan on Hip & Miss (Visit
  20. The Real Kim Deal by Destiny 3000 on 7 (Visit
  21. Derailed (Joyce Manor Cover) by Fresh on These Things Are Not That Fun (Visit
  22. Only The Moon by The Creeping Ivies on The Witch House (Visit
  23. Get It Right by Braves on Get It Right / Dropout (Visit
  24. No≈Serf by As Ondas on Live Demos (Visit
  25. Cigarette by Freeks on Beach Freeks EP (Visit
  26. Tight Ass by Arre! Arre! on A.T.T.A.C.K (Visit
  27. Blindfold by DIRTYGIRL on Junk Food EP (Visit
  28. Sea of Blue by Sleepy on Sleepy EP (Visit
  29. Modern Communication by wimps on Suitcase (Visit
  30. Headed For The Door by Teaser Pony on Teaser Pony EP (Visit
  31. Wake Up by No Waves on Too Late (Visit
  32. Speak When You're Spoken To by The Spook School on Try to be Hopeful (Visit
  33. Have Fun by Bleeding Knees Club on Virginity (Visit
  34. never good enough by Eerie Summer on the way i don't understand anything anymore (Visit
  35. Only You by Jabber on Well... Just Jabber (Visit
  36. Child custody commandos by Cupid car club on Werewolves!
  37. Try Too Hard by The Faintest Ideas on What Goes up Must Calm Down ( Song ID: 201163213)
  38. Carry on Nurse by Yummy Fur on Night Club
  39. I get the feeling by coach longlegs on NO DOGS AT SHOWS (Visit
  40. Plastic Love (demo) by peach kelli pop on PKP & the Pats Pats Split Tape (Visit
  41. So gone by Best coast
  42. One Way Ticket by SadGirl on SADGIRL VOL. TWO EP (Visit
  43. Summer's End by T. Rexico on Rugrats and Regrets (Visit
  44. You're Not There by Lunch Ladies on Demos (Visit
  45. A noisy noise annoys an oyster by ENEMY ANEMONE on ENEMY ANEMONE / COUGAR VOX split (Visit
  46. looking for a stranger on the shore by LINTON + STEWART on LINTON AND STEWART / THE AISLERS SET (Visit
  47. Eating Makeup (feat. Kathleen Hanna) by Seth Bogart on Eating Makeup (feat. Kathleen Hanna)
  48. cragieburn by COUGAR VOX on ENEMY ANEMONE / COUGAR VOX split (Visit
  49. Things I Wonder by The Shaggs on The Shaggs (1969 -1975)