Best of 2015 12/4/15


  1. Revenge by Scum Defection (Outsider Neutralized) on Behold. Total. Rejection
  2. Alshinecheri by Slægt on Beautiful and Damned
  3. Dissenting the Waking Shell by Adversarial on Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism (Dark Descent)
  4. Blind by Sumerlands on Guardian
  5. Vientos de Olvido by Lluvia on Eternidad Solemne
  6. Veil of Transcendence by Abyssal on Antikatastaseis
  7. The Sleep of Thanatos by Doombringer on The Grand Sabbath
  8. Exercises in Futility II by MGLA on Exercises in Futility
  9. Foire / Unfurl The Belt / Murderred / Scums (City Rockers) by Pig DNA on Mob Shity
  10. The Rise of Lucifer by Cultes des Ghoules on The Rise of Lucifer
  11. Acolytes by Horrendous on Anareta
  12. Pusher Man by Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats on The Night Creeper
  13. Prevail in Hell by Pissgrave on Suicide Euphoria
  14. Untitled by False on Untitled
  15. Trahison Fratricide by Nècropole on Ostara
  16. Vhöl by 3AM on Deeper Than Sky