The Nodecast Episode 1


  1. Ajapajapam Version by Gunnar Haslam on Mirrors and Copulation
  2. Parlay by GALCHER LUSTWERK on Parlay
  3. Slocking by Tujurikkuja on File: #03 (Visit
  4. Attilan by Tuned To A Dead Channel on Karnak
  5. At Least We're Trying by Famous Boyfriend on At Least We're Trying EP (555 Recordings)
  6. casual by lilacs on lilacs (Visit
  7. Macho Dominante by Rufianas on HATE (Visit
  8. I Shouldn't Have To Say by The Rosehips on I Shouldn't Have To Say (Visit
  9. P.U.N.K. Girl by Heavenly on P.U.N.K. Girl (K)
  10. Pet Monkey by Heavenly on Operation Heavenly (K)
  11. Looking for a Day by VLIVM on Sailing Forever (Visit
  12. Heart Attack by The Pooches on Heart Attack (Visit
  13. Break
  14. River Drum by Damon Eliza Palermo (1080Pツ)