B-Side Dreams 031 - No Wave


  1. Hair Pie: Bake 2 by Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band on Trout Mask Replica
  2. Ferryboat Bill by The Velvet Underground on Another View
  3. My Infatuation by James Chance & The Contortions on Buy Contortions 35th Anniversary (Deluxe Edition)
  4. Contort Yourself by James White & The Blacks on NY No Wave
  5. 3E by Mars on NY No Wave
  6. Do the Shopping by DNA
  7. Sleep by Dark Day on Window
  8. Turning a Leaf by Robin Crutchfield on Into the Dark Wood (Nigh Eve)
  9. Mechanical Flattery by Lydia Lunch on NY No Wave
  10. Wawa by Lizzy Mercier Descloux on Press Color
  11. Herpes Simplex by Rosa Yemen on NY No Wave
  12. Too Many Creeps by Bush Tetras on Too Many Creeps 7
  13. Empty Eyes by Teenage Jesus & the Jerks on NY No Wave
  14. U.S. Millie by Theoretical Girls on Theoretical Record
  15. Computer Dating by Theoretical Girls on Theoretical Record
  16. Confusion Is Next by Sonic Youth on Confusion Is Sex
  17. Guitar Trio (1977) by Rhys Chatham on From the Kitchen Archives No. 3 - Amplified: New Music Meets Rock 1981-1986