Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Riot Grrrl But Where Too Afraid To Ask

Special Specialist and Guest DJ's Ceci Moss and Davy Jones.

In celebration of the upcoming opening Riot Grrl exhibition at YBCA “Alien She” that opens October 25th, co-curator Ceci Moss and, local punk rocker Dayv Jones, , will be giving a bit of a history of the movement, chatting about putting the show together, and playing some hard to find tracks from their personal vinyl collections.



  1. Alien She by Bikini Kill on Pussy Whipped (Wiiiji)
  2. I Hate History by Cat Call on unknown (unknown)
  3. The Searcher by Kitty Cat Spy Club on unknown (unknown)
  4. Militia by Cypher in the Snow on Blow Away the Glitter Diamons Stolen From the Crown
  5. Good Girl by Suture on Composition 01 (Composition)
  6. The Last Song by Sleater-Kinney on Sleater-Kinney (Chainsaw Records)
  7. Dog by Viva Kinevil
  8. Height of Fashion by The CeBe Barnes Band on She's A Winner (Horsekitty)
  9. My Ghost by Lucky Tiger on Lucky Tiger/The Pill [ Split EP] (Super 8 Underground)
  10. Time Expired by Slant 6 on Soda Pop*Rip Off (Dischord Records)
  11. Dust Cake Boy by Babes in Toyland on Dystopia (Twin/Tone Records)
  12. Tommy Slich by Frumpies on Tommy Slich (7") (Lookout! Records)
  13. Inner Tube Tomorrow by Frumpies on Frumpie One-Piece (Kill Rock Stars)
  14. California Landmark by Lucid Nation (Kill Cupid Records)
  15. Nervous Never Fades by Excuse 17 on Such Friends Are Dangerous (Kill Rock Stars)
  16. Mary by Red Number Nince (Farmhouse Records)
  17. I'll Take You Down by Autoclave (Dischord)
  18. My Secret by Heavens to Betsy on Heavens To Betsy (2) / Bratmobile - My Secret / Cool Schmool ‎(7") (K)
  19. Jacky O'Lantern by The Need on Jacky O' Lantern ‎(7") (Outpunk Records)
  20. Skinned Teen by Karate Hair Dresser (Soul Static Sound)
  21. Make Me Miss America by Bratmobile on Peel Session (Dutch East India Trading)
  22. Miss America by The Seaside Apartments (self released)
  23. Soiled Princess by Lucy Stoners on There's A Dyke in the Pit (Outpunk Records)
  24. Dead Men Don't Rape by 7 Year Bitch on There's A Dyke in the Pit (Outpunk Records)
  25. Seaweed by The Gits on Enter: The Conquering Chicken (C/Z Records)
  26. Good Girls by Raooul on Fresh and Nubile (Lookout! Records)
  27. Her Jazz by Huggy Bear (Wiiija)
  28. Don't by Fifth Column (Outpunk Records)
  29. Miss Hell by Calamity Jane on Miss Hell/My Spit (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  30. Screwing yer Courage by Team Dresch on Personal Best (Candy Ass Records)
  31. oversize ego by Tribe 8 on Snarkism (Tribe 8)
  32. Cookie Monster by Lunachics (Blast First)
  33. Teenage Superstar by Emily's Sassy Line on Summer Vacation (Christmas Records)