Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio (2016-02-29)


also sorry Benjamin Finger I accidentally said your new record was on Time Released Sound instead of X-Ray


  1. Not Here by Troller on Graphic (Holodeck)
  2. Parry That with More Geometry by Ian William Craig on Zugzwang for Fostex (Patient Sounds)
  3. Headspincrawl by Benjamin Finger on Amorosa Sensitiva (X-Ray)
  4. The Depths by Cross Record on Wabi-Sabi (Ba Da Bing)
  5. Private League by Andrew Tuttle on Fantasy League (Room40)
  6. Dwaal by Machinefabriek on Dwaal/Wold (Dauw)
  7. PVC Burn by Isolde Touch on Secretary Of Sensation (Entr'acte)
  8. .....borne back ceaselessly into the past by The Humble Bee on Deathless Songs (Dauw)
  9. Hard Times Befall the Door-to-Door Glass Shard Salesman by Rangda on The Heretic's Bargain (Drag City)
  10. Amber (Sleep Test for Erik) by Autistici & Justin Varis on Nine (Eilean)
  11. Wishing Well by Wil Bolton on February Dawn (Eilean)
  12. Memorize Them Well by Secret Boyfriend on Memory Care Unit (Blackest Ever Black)