The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/guest Adrienne Scissorhands 3/3!


  1. 50:50 by Sad Lovers and Giants
  2. C'est Comme Ca by Les Rita Mutsouko on Acoustiques
  3. Metal Postcard (Mittageisen) by Siouxsie and The Banshees
  4. TVC15 by David Bowie on Station To Station
  5. Transmission (Peel Sessions) by Joy Division on Peel Sessions
  6. Reptile by The Church on Starfish
  7. Shake Your Molecules (Neutron Dance) by Soma Holiday
  8. Polaroid/Roman/Photo by Ruth on Polaroid/Roman/Photo
  9. Detach by Modele Mecanique
  10. Stealing by Lilies On Mars on Ago
  11. Destination Moon by Solid Space on Space Museum
  12. Beers, Steers and Queers by Revolting Cocks
  13. Un Dia En Texas by Paralisis Permanente
  14. We Are 138 by Misfits
  15. Moya by Southern Death Cult
  16. Nowhere by Night Nail
  17. The Blood by The Cure on The Head On The Door
  18. Wait Now by In Letter Form on Explorations of Unknown Destinations
  19. Jipp by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
  20. Oh! Brother by The Fall
  21. Fortune by Dead Can Dance on Dead Can Dance
  22. Shot By Both Sides by Magazine on Real Life
  23. What We All Want by Gang Of Four on Solid Gold
  24. Sound Of Music (Peel Session) by Joy Division on Peel Sessions