Notes From The Underground 1


  1. Yesterday's News by Huff Stuff Magazine on Huff Stuff Magazine (S/R)
  2. Slow Release by Joyride! on Bodies Of Water (S/R)
  3. Queens of Summer by Molar on Demo (S/R)
  4. Honey Joy by Saulting Magpies on Feel Bad (S/R)
  5. Something Is Lost by Infinite Void on Infinite Void (Goner)
  6. In Other Words by Shopping on Consumer Complaints (Fatcat)
  7. Transmitters by Sauna Youth on Distractions (Upset The Rythm)
  8. Managerial Material by The World on S/T (S/R)
  9. Crimewave by Crystal Castles on Crystal Castles (Last Gang)
  10. Year 5772 (Mikey Young Remix) by Cold Beat on Worms / Year 5772 (Crime On The Moon)
  11. Tuesday by Grass Widow on Past Time (S/R)
  12. Heartland by The Sound on Jeopardy (Korova)
  13. Heartland by The Sound on Jeopardy (Korova)
  14. 50:50 by Sad Lovers & Giants on Les Annes Vertes (Midnight Music)
  15. Hold On by Radiants on The Best Of Chess (Chess)
  16. Ain't That Terrible by Roy Remond on Ain't That Terrible (S/R)
  17. Run On by Arthur Conley on The Best of Arthur Conley (Sweet Soul Music)
  18. Psychotic Episode by Royal Headache on S/R (What's Your Rupture?)
  19. Point Breeze by Sheer Mag on I (Wilsuns RC)
  20. Gates of the West by The Clash on Super Black Market Clash (Epic)
  21. Sharon by #1s on Sharon (Statick Shock)
  22. Dialling Tone by Milky Wimpshake on Lovers, Not Fighters (S/R)
  23. Love American Style by Mr. T Experience on Love American Style (Lookout)
  24. I Waste Too Much Time On Myself by Tough Age on S/T (Mint)
  25. Dust by Primitive Parts on Primitive Parts (Trouble In Mind)
  26. Didn't He Run by Teen Turbans on Didn't He Run (Chess)
  27. Nowhere To Run by Martha and the Vandellas on Nowhere To Run (Soul)
  28. The Marvellos by Why Do You Hurt The Ones You Love on Why Do You Hurt The Ones You Love (Soul)
  29. Remember Me? by Tommy V on Mockingbird (Fake Four Inc.)
  30. Ready For The Floor by Tommy V on Mockingbird (Fake Four Inc.)
  31. Illume by Lust For Youth on International (Sacred Bones)
  32. Got A Stone by Yi on Punk Memories (S/R)
  33. I've Been Livining In Maculay Culkin's Brain by D.L.M.I.C. on October Cassettee (S/R)
  34. Paranoia by CCTV on Paranoia (Lumpy)
  35. Do You Think That You've Found Love? by Love Triangle on Clever, Clever (Static Shock)
  36. Bullet In The Back by Neon Piss on S/R (Deranged)
  37. Light of the Axe by Displeasure on Neanderthal (S/R)
  38. Tunnels by Syndicate on Demo (S/R)
  39. Throwaway by Synthetic ID on S/T (S/R)