I Rock I Roll Radio: the fun (and possibly true) facts show

jamz, hamster dance, a lack of candy, banana scents, and then brendan stops by.


  1. Suburban Girlfriend by ADULT BOOKS on Running From the Blows (Lollipop Records)
  2. The Evening by Thao and the Get Down Stay Down on A Man Alive
  3. On The Lips by Frankie Cosmos on Next Thing (Bayonet Records)
  4. Hey Now! by The Regrettes on TBD (Black Rainbow Records)
  5. No More Parties In The Attic by Exploded View on TBD (Sacred Bones)
  6. Idee Fixe by Methyl Ethel on Oh Inhuman Spectacle (4AD)
  7. Nighttime Hunger by Overcoats (579161 Records)
  8. Open Water by Steady Holiday on Under The Influence (Infinite Best Recordings)
  9. Appeals by Bayonne on Primitives (Mom + Pop Music)
  10. Golden Days by Whitney on Light Upon The Lake (Secretly Canadian)
  11. Together by The Night Cafe on TBD (Self Released)
  12. Winter Sublet by Sea Span
  13. Don't Get Taken by Acid Dad on Let's Plan A Robbery (Self Released)
  14. Easy (Over There That Way) by Heliotropes on Over There That Way (The End Records)
  15. Real Maths/Too Much by The Gotobeds on Blood / Sugar / Secs / Traffic (Sub Pop)
  16. Temporary Mutilation by Useless Eaters on Relaxing Death (Castle Face)
  17. Wave by Scully on No Sense (Fire Talk)
  18. Missionary by The So So Glos on Kamikaze (Votiv)
  19. Seventeen by Ice Cream on Sweat Creams
  20. Excuses by The Raveonettes
  21. Watching & Waiting by Journalism on Faces (Dead Stare Records)
  22. Eliot St by Quilt on Plaza (Mexican Summer)
  23. Waverly Street by Younghusband on Dissolver (ATP)
  24. Don't Need to Be Them by The Sun Days on Album (Run For Cover Records)
  25. Just Like You by Nai Harvest on Just Like You / Jelly (Topshelf Records)
  26. Mayonaise by The Smashing Pumpkins on Siamese Dream (Virgin)