1. La Grande Guerre by Ice on Paris Mix (Zeb)
  2. For J.P.S. by The Freeze on Punk 45: There Is No Such Thing As Society - Get A Job, Get A Car, Get A Bed, Get Drunk! - Vol. 2: Underground Punk And Post-Punk In The UK 1977-81 (Soul Jazz Records)
  3. Choreography by Modern Eon on Unknown (Unknown)
  4. Femmes sous cellophane by Edith Nylon on S/T (CBS)
  5. Vie Parisienne by Zona on Paris Mix (Zeb)
  6. Univers by Peggy Luxbeurk on Paris Mix (Zeb)
  7. 02 2heaven or hell by SHEENA AND THE ROKKITS on SHEENA AND THE ROKKITS LP (Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc.)
  8. 2. I'll Think of Something by Where's Lisse? on Tutorial EP (Glass Records)
  9. A Blueprint for Joy by The Middle Class on Scavenged Luxury: Los Angeles Post Punk (Velvetone Records)
  10. I Like 'Lectric Motors by Patrick D. Martin on I Like 'Lectric Motors (Deram)
  11. Boule Quies by Zona on Paris Mix (Zeb)
  12. A2 I Remember by Cerebral Hemorrhage on Back in 1984 (Illusion Records)
  13. Computerstaat by Abwärts on Amok Koma (Zickzack)
  14. Sveta by Zana on Nastavnice / Sveta (Jugoton)
  15. Radio Junk by Sheena & The Rokkets on Synkuu Pack (Alfa)
  16. Wake Up by Essential Logic on Fanfare in the Garden (Kill Rock Stars)
  17. Happyland by Tunneltones on Keats Rides A Harley (Warning Label)
  18. Watch My Hands by Tactics on Can't Stop It! II - Australian Post-Punk 1979-84 (Chapter Music)