Tuff Signals 107


  1. Too Young for Me by The Rubs (Self Released)
  2. New Boy by Real Numbers (No Problem Records)
  3. Tracer by Brilliant Beast on Dissolve (Self Released)
  4. Little Known Facts about Ostriches by Sneaky Creeps on Negative Space (Self Released)
  5. Go Home by Summer Cannibals on Full of It (Kill Rock Stars)
  6. Running from the Blows by Adult Books on Running from the Blows (Lolipop Records)
  7. I Con't Find My Keys by Snotty Garbagemen on Snotty Garbagemen (12XU)
  8. Nosebleed Weekend by The Coathangers on Nosebleed Weekend (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  9. Rip It Out by Mind Spiders on Prosthesis (Dirtnap Records)
  10. Lady Fondue by Death by Unga Bunga on Pineapple Pizza (Jansen Plateproduksjen)
  11. Beach Babe by Cowabunga Babes on Going Nowhere LP (Volar Records)
  12. Talk by Tacocat on Lost Time (Self Released)
  13. Glistening Dots by Paint Thinner on Demo Tape (Self Released)
  14. Oh Woah by The Boreds on Summer Daze EP (Wiener Records)
  15. Shark Bait by The Lemons on Hello We're the Lemons (Burger Records)
  16. El Cucuy by Kid Congo Powers on Bruice Joice / El Cucuy Split (In The Red Records)
  17. Costa Este by Las Pinas on El Perro Beach EP (Yippe Ki Yay)
  18. Yes I No by Andy Human on Andy Human and the Reptoids (sol re sol)
  19. Wheelchair by VHS on Gift of Life (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  20. Knuckle Dragger by Golden Pelicans on Oldest Ride, Longest Line (Self Released)
  21. Don't Wake Me Up by Midnight Snaxxx (Total Punk Records)
  22. I Don't Want to Be Alone by Twin River on Passing Shade (Self Released)
  23. Tixis by Ratboys on AOID (Topshelf Records)
  24. Midnight Kino by Maniac on Midnight Kino (Self Released)
  25. Sun by Seratones on Get Gone (Fat Possum Records)
  26. Sun by Seratones on Get Gone (Fat Possum Records)
  27. The Navy by K9 Sniffles on Master's Touch (Urinal Cake)
  28. Saving Up by Bug Fix on Error Messages (Mnpls Ltd.)
  29. Watch Your Back by The Coathangers on Coathangers / Black Lips Split 7 (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  30. Sir Dog by Constant Insult on Self Titled 12" EP (Let's Pretend)
  31. Agathas Antlers by Hex Dispensers on III (Alien Snatch! Records)
  32. Minor White by Wollen Men on Options EP (Dog's Table)
  33. Mistata by Endless Column on DEMO (Twintoe/Taken By Surprise)
  34. Play it Cool by Feels on Feels (Castle Face Records)
  35. Tall Man Skinny Lady by Ty Segall on Manipulator (Drag City)
  36. Fortress by Thee Oh Sees (Castle Face Records)
  37. Underground Heaven by Wild Wing on Underground Heaven (Self Released)
  38. Dance Just Like Anette by Bonbon on A Date tih Bonbon (Burger Records)
  39. Tiny Insight by Gooch Palms on Introverted Extroverts (Self Released)