Music for the Masses - Get Swirly!

A follow up to last week's Stompy!


  1. Lament (Over The Shadow) by Christian Death on Ashes
  2. Melt! by Siouxsie and the Banshees on A Kiss In The Dreamhouse
  3. Coward's Way by Lowlife on Permanent Sleep
  4. Love Under Will by Fields Of The Nephilim on The Nephilim
  5. Cardinal Points by Coil on Gold Is the Metal (With the Broadest Shoulders)
  6. Gush Forth My Tears (Interest at Source Mix) by Miranda Sex Garden on Gush Forth My Tears EP
  7. The Silver Circle by Faith & The Muse on Annwyn, Beneath The Waves
  8. Mesmerism by Dead Can Dance on Spleen and Ideal
  9. Shadow Magnet by Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke on Duality
  10. The Mystic's Dream by Loreena McKennitt on The Mask And Mirror
  11. Palästinalied by Qntal on Qntal II
  12. Cantique I by Die Form on Suspiria De Profundis
  13. Le Temps Dégagé by Bel Canto on Shimmering, Warm And Bright
  14. Love The Giver by Claire Voyant on Time And The Maiden
  15. A Girl Called Harmony by Attrition on A Tricky Business
  16. The Fruit Room by And Also The Trees on Green Is The Sea
  17. Clown Small & Even by Trance To The Sun on Aria: A Tess Records Anthology
  18. Mine Eyes by Switchblade Symphony on Serpentine Gallery
  19. Im Nin'alu by Ofra Haza on Shaday
  20. Silence by Delerium on Karma
  21. Jewel (12 inch mix) by Cranes on Forever Remixes
  22. The Spangle Maker by Cocteau Twins on The Spangle Maker EP
  23. Tower Of Strength by The Mission UK on Children
  24. This Time by Wolfsheim on No Happy View